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Fly Fishing Accessories

The Fly Fishermens Most Unique Accessory
(If You Like To Travel Light)

No matter where you love to fish for trout, Park City, Heber, Ogden, Layton, Bountiful, Salt Lake, Orem or Provo you always have to carry your fly fishing equipment nowwhere ever you go. Now there is a great way to simplify the packing and storage process. After all the trophy tiger trout and rainbow trout don't care how well dressed you are, and they are the ones you want to impress, with your presentation not how you dress or carry your gear.

Secret To Where The Big Trout Are In Utah

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The Fishing Bucket or Priority Storage 101

Photo Fishing Bucket

Nearly empty, my really nice tackle box now sits in my garage.

I have lost track of my fly-fishing vest and have not missed it for years.

As I have gotten older (though not necessarily wiser) I have eschewed such accoutrements and storage devices for something much more simple and convenient: A bucket.

It isn’t a special bucket - it is one of those white 5 gallon types which contain paint, drywall mud and host of other concoctions. I have found that it is far less expensive and far more versatile than the alternatives listed above.

Contents Of Must Have Items

For fly fishing, I carry my fly box (the one I wrote about in the my last Photo Fishing Bucket & Contents blog), my box of miscellaneous hardware which contains hooks, sinkers, swivels, lures and a myriad of small other items which I might need. Tippet material, a bottle of Gink and Xink and perhaps one or two other items I might need. To complete my ensemble, I take my rod and reel - it is really embarrassing when you go with out the rod and reel but its been a while since I did that. All these can be carried and stuffed into my pockets and I am not encumbered too much. That leaves me free to fish. If I need anything else, unless my companion(s) carry it, it would be worthwhile to reconsider whether or not I really do.

On all other fishing occasions, including when I go fly-fishing, my trusty bucket is by my side - well, at least it is in the trunk.

Advantages To Packing This Way

There are several important and significant advantages to my bucket.

First, I am recycling something that otherwise would be at the garbage dump.

Second, because of its size and color, it does not get forgotten or left at home.

Third, in an emergency;

it makes a great water bucket for fire control,

aquarium for minnows or crawfish to keep my grandchildren entertained, while I am fishing,

fish creel (on those rare occasions when I want to take some fish home),

chair - when needed,

and it is an exceptional deterrent to water fights - when my fishing companions feel the need to splash or use water to induce jocularity during fishing. Believe me, only a fool gets into a water fight with a guy with a 5 gallon bucket, though some have tried and learned their soggy lesson quickly and completely.

There are thousands of non-emergency uses the bucket - I will only mention one here: the lid makes great ersatz Frisby for kids and dogs which might be lingering nearby.

Back To Basics

In addition, there is something down to earth about a bucket that I like. It does not represent the level of style and intensity that the vest of a really serious fly-fisherperson connotes. Some of these people look like they were standing in a fly shop when someone threw in a bomb; so festooned are they with hooks, pads of wool, things tied and otherwise affixed to them. They remind me of Christmas trees.

In addition, the bucket is the antithesis of the bass fisherman’s professional assortment of perhaps a dozen tackle boxes, numerous pre-rigged rod and reel combos, enough electronic gear to make an AWACS pilot jealous and a boat nearly as fast and expensive as a water born Ferrari. Tournament fishing is a wonderful pastime for its participants and fans, but it is professional - with all the good, and not so good that that entails.

Hidden Advantage

Finally, there is a hidden advantage to the fishing bucket: it creates its own priority storage system. Everything is thrown into the bucket, the things I need on a regular basis tend to stay at the top and things which I don’t need, migrate to the bottom. So, when someone asks where my “______” is, I can answer with a reasonable amount of accuracy: “Look in the bottom of the bucket.” And I can go back to concentrating on fishing.

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