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Still Water Fly Fishing Tips For Success Or How To Catch Trophy Trout

Still Water Fly Fishing Tips & Techniques For Catching Trophy Trout

Best Still Water Location In Utah For Tiger Trout & Rainbow Trout. Year Round Fly Fishing Near Park City, Salt Lake City, Provo, Orem, Layton, Ogden, Bountiful, Tooele Utah. Fishing Tips & Fly Hatch Chart available with fishing destinations in Utah. Fall and Winter Fly Fishing Secrets Included.  Great West Desert Utah fly fishing for trout in natural spring creeks located on dove creek west on Hogans Ranch home of trophy trout school.

Fly fishing on a stream or river shares some very common techniques for presenting your dry fly, nymph or streamers to awaiting trout. You experience the standard riffles Photo TrophyRainbow Trout producing an abundance of insects like a moving buffet table, runs that carry the insects away from the river bed mud, rocks, & weeds where they grow and mature until they are washed downstream. These usually shallow yet highly productive areas of the rivers and streams have the water moving over them like a large conveyor belt that collects any insect that is not secured to the bottom rocks and weeds and quickly dispatches the unsuspecting full course meal into the water seams to be delivered the hungry trout waiting downstream.
Seams Provide A Calm Feeding Environment For The Trout Below
Seams are an area located between fast moving and slower moving currents of water. The seam is visibly distinguishable to the human eye and can be easily located where the faster current passes the slower current . The seams surface can appear at times as if it is barely moving, especially compared to the main current located on its side. This is a place big trout can and do easily lie in wait completely protected by structure on the bottom and rise up as the main course arrives. These big boys control the “holes” they lie in and will drive off
Photo Big Rainbow Trout Caught Fly Fishing On Still Waters

smaller fish to protect their territory. After all there world is one where the fittest survive. So the big trout can easily gobble up the assorted buffet as the insects helplessly pass by.

And The Food Goes Round & Round Like On A Lazy Susan
Along this same river course we have eddies that create deep pools with a back current that traps insects in an endless swirl until a wise trout willingly slurps them up. This is another protected area for the trophy trout to live in. The lazy Susan is the perfect bug trap and the water current resistance that overwhelms the insects in an inescapable spin provides minimal resistance to the large and powerful fish swimming below. Making the trapped insects an easy meal that requires the trout to use minimal energy to catch and devour. But change the setting to a small lake or even a large one like Strawberry and a whole new approach to the sport of fly fishing is required if you want to be successful and catch some very large fish on a fly.
What Is So Special About Still Water Trout?
One word can sum it all up, S-I-Z-E- this is the key. “There’s Huge trophy trout in them there lakes and ponds”. These still water fish have an abundance of food in the virtually still water, the weed beds serve as a brood nursery for insects and produce lots of oxygen while cleaning the water of c02, ammonia and other waste created by the trout. Weed beds also provide protection and shade from the overhead sun and birds of prey. This life of leisure is the perfect setting for creating fat and happy trophies. This is the exact reason why fly fishing in still waters is such a phenomenal experience. Size really does matter when you catch wild trophy trout. The bigger the better!  This is West Desert Utah's best fly fishing for big tiger trout and monster raninbow trout on the fly.
How To Find Big Fish In Still Waters (To Be Continued In Our Next Blog)
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Winter Secrets To Catching Spawning Tiger Trout And Pre-Spawn Rainbow Trout Fly Fishing In Utah

Winter Fly Fishing For Spawning Tiger Trout And Staging Rainbow Trout Secrets Of Fly Fishing Utah Style

Dry flies with a dropper can be deadly during the winter tiger trout spawn run especially when the waters are full of huge rainbow trout gaining weight for the own spawn in just a few weeks.
This is a beautiful example of a late winter spawning tiger trout.  Note the deep orange belly and red fins trimmed with a white stripe on the leading edge of each fin.  The male or buck also takes on the kipe jaw and almost jet black color on his lower jaw.  This buck trout was taken while dry fly fishing and using a midge dropper at Dove Creek West located at Hogan ranch in Tooele Utah near Salt Lake City on private waters that are available to the general public.  Midge hatches  occur year round especially on winter and spring days in the late morning or early afternoon.  The dry fly on top with a dropper creates the impression of a cluster of midges stuck in the meniscus just below the surface as the dry fly rides really low in the water.  The dropper is allowed to free float below the cluster and takes on the appearance of a struggling cluster of emergers.  This deadly combination is a great treat for hungry spawning tigers that are devouring every fly in sight to put on weight for the spawn as well as after the spawn to increase their spent energy.
Streamers Are A Favorite Pre Spawn Fly For Trout

The still waters are gin clear on this mid winter day and the sky is clear as reflected in this photo of a huge buck rainbow trout who attacked this streamer that was being worked slowly along the bottom of the deep pond he share with other massive trout especially tiger trout.  When fishing still Waters with a streamer remember unlike a stream or river still waters means just what the name implies.  Still and Slow....so fish don't need to move fast for a good meal.  They are surrounded by tons of natural food year round so a fast retrieve may induce an occasional strike, it is the slow moving flies that appear as the norm in these still water conditions for the truly trophy trout.
Scuds, Sow Bugs & Leeches Too 
The year round daily fair for still water trout is scuds, sow bugs, leeches and don't forget the all important damsel fly.  A pair of scuds will produce over 10,000 young per year!  So the next time you want to get the main dish down to a trout remember the lowly scud.  Sow bugs and leeches are just as productive and provide a rounded out meal for our friends with fins.  The greatest predator in the still waters in the Damsel fly nymph.  They move all over the weed beds devouring all the other nymphs and scuds they can find.  They are big and ferocious and attack insects even bigger than they are.  Again this is a very slow moving aquatic insect that needs to be fished slow in and around the weed beds.  This is where the trophy rainbow and tiger trout hang out to find them  Photo taken at Tooele Utah near Salt Lake City Courtesy Trophy Trout School.   www.trophytroutschool.com

Use My Local Year Round Hatch Chart With Best Imitations
Pre spawning hen rainbowow trout is only about 24" but big enough to put up an outstanding fight on my Damsel fly nymph with 5x tapered leader and extra long tippet to reach deep in the weeds for still water fly fishing.  Moving slow the olive green damsel fly appears to crossing the weed bed foraging for food just like this trout who was looking for her next meal.  Fishing near Park City means getting away from the frozen lakes and on the other side of the salt lake city valley to private waters at Dove Creek West home of the trophy trout school.  Where you find qualified guides, fly fishing instructors and huge tiger trout with monster rainbow trout.  Private waters here are open year round for your fly fishing adventures and day trips of fly fishing vacations

Free Year Round Utah Fly Fishing Hatch Chart


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Enjoy The Mid Winter Fly Fishing Video Shot At Dove Creek West Hogan Ranch  Home Of Trophy Trout School.


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