Sunday, November 13, 2011

What I love about fishing

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What I Love About Fishing
Photo Spawning Tiger Trout
Fenwick Fleigenbinder
On Tuesday, My fishing buddy and I took a trip to our favorite lake. We got home tired, muddy, worn out and completely happy. That got me thinking - what is about fishing that makes me enjoy it so much? I came up with a few answers,
Night, I enjoy getting up early in the morning (4:00 AM) it is still night and you cannot tell the time of day by the darkness - midnight looks the same as 3:30 AM.. The streets are practically deserted. If there is no moon, its absence gives me hope for the days fishing, and if there is a moon, I consider it a valued companion. It seems as if the world is mine, well, mine and a few other early risers. We night people seem to share some secret known only to those who are acquainted with this dark time and make out way to our various tasks; my task is fishing.
Photo Spawning Rainbow Trout
The water, prior to any hint of sunrise, is a dark and silent mystery. And yet, I know the fish are there using the darkness to find their food and do the fishy things fish do when they are on their own. But in the few last moments of night before the slightest lightening begins to occur, it seems as though the darkness is permanent and sunrise will never come. When I look to sky again, there it is; that slight soft shift from black to gray that reassures me that dawn is coming.
People, who love the sky love sunsets, but the purists, the ones who really know the night, love the sky before dawn. Where sunset is a benediction of good day, the relaxation of all the days stresses, worries and culmination of its blessings, the sky before dawn is the portent of things to come, it is when all things prepare for what is next.
I can’t really liken anything to sunrise. It is the metaphor to which all things beginning, renewing, auspicious and favorable are compared. And, after the sunrise, the warmth of the day seeps through out coats until our feet and hands and bodies are comfortable again.
By this time, with luck we have already landed a fish or two. The water gives up its living jewels and each creature is a marvel of color and efficiency. When I see the fish revive and swim away, I am glad it still lives,
It is funny how catching fish is not as important as it used to be, But, with time, cost and other commitments lessening and restraining the time I have to go fishing, the time spent now seems more intense and real than when it seemed I had all the time in the world and my whole life ahead of me. But within those moments - it is just me and the water, the fish or a good friend, now that seems more than enough.
Check out our website and year round fly fishing now open to the public by reservation. Our 10,000 acre ranch is a family run operation open year round to trophy Tiger Trout and Rainbow trout fly fishing, our stillwaters don't freeze in the Winter (spring creek fed). We are only minutes from Park City, Heber, Salt Lake, Tooele, Orem, Provo, Layton, Ogden, Roy, Bountiful, Logan and Ogden. All roads are paved and well maintained year round. Advance reservations are required. Come experience fly fishing at it's finest, all rainbow trout and tiger trout 3-10 Lbs. each!!
Catch the fish of a lifetime every time you hook one of these monsters!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Fly Fishing Secrets For Fishing In The Wind For Trophy Trout

How To Successfully Fly Cast In The Wind
(you must have a good presentation to catch the trophy trout)

Trophy trout fishing in Utah is a major challenge in and of itself just trying to locate the big fish is enough to drive one crazy. Now throw in all the inclimate weather conditions and you have a real challenge on your hands. Fenwick has some really good tips on the secret of casting in the wind to obtain the best fly presentation for those big trophy rainbow and even larger tiger trout. Trophy Trout Guides share lots of photo's and great tips & guide secrets too !

Free Hatch Chart & Fishing Guides Locations In Utah

At the end of the article there will be some location information as well as a year round fly hatch chart for our readers to access. There will also be some information about our trophy trout fly fishing guides for Salt Lake, Park City, Heber, Ogden, Provo & Orem areas.

Against the Wind – Fly-Fishing’s Worst Weather Condition

Photo Catching Big Rainbow Trout In The Wind
Wind The Hazard Of Fishing

I have often complained that fly fishing in the wind is the least favored weather condition. I can, and have, dealt with about everything else the weather Gods can throw at me, including; blinding snow storms, torrential rains, Lightning and Thunder, heat, starvation, desolation and disorientation - a complete assortment of meteorological and psychological conditions. But still, wind is the worst!

A complete discussion of why this is so, is not warranted here; like the wind, it is too much of a downer. So, let’s not go into that except to say bad wind conditions are a fly-fishers nightmare.

Turn Your Back To The Problem

So, what does the enlightened fisherman do when the wind will not cooperate? Go home? Change locations? Or, sit in the car, assume a fetal position, and weep? Well, take heart little buddy, Uncle Fenwick has some suggestions to counteract unfortunate Aeolian circumstances.
The first is fairly obvious but, like most obvious things, it is overlooked more often than not. Put The Wind At Your Back! This strategy is the easiest way to overcome unfavorable winds yet , on the lakes and rivers I visit, I am amazed at how many fisherpersons I see struggling against the wind rather than with it. Putting the wind at your back also has a terrific

Photo Trophy Rainbow Trout Caught During Wind Storm

benefit, you can cast incredible distances! Of course, there are drawbacks to PTWAYB: you cannot get too extreme on your backcast and you run an increased risk of burying your fly in some exposed portion of your anatomy. And, you thought hats were invented to keep the sun out of your eyes. What Kevlar vests are to the police, the hat is to the fly-fisher. That does not explain why my buddy, Clyde, wears a Kevlar hat, but that is a story for another time.

Hauling & Double Hauling For Long Distance

Second, learn and perfect your “haul” and “double haul” cast. That way, you can keep your backcast under control and “shoot” additional line which you have piled in front of you.

Photo Hats & Parka Required For Fly Fishing In The Wind

I don’t want to go into detail here about how to haul and double haul, except to say that if you are having trouble learning how to do it, or have never tried it, here is a tip. Most of my students have learned how by practicing the movements without rod and line first. Once you have learned and memorized the contradictory motions of these casts, then start with rod and line. Learn these now! If you ever go on a fly-fishing trip to the Caribbean, Alaska or some other exotic, dream fulfilling location, don’t waste your time learning to haul and double haul there. Be advised you almost certainly need these casts when you do finally visit these dream locations.

Next, there is a whole assortment of strategies to take advantage of unfavorable winds You can use the wind to drift, counter currents, make really fancy, even strange casts. Just act like you meant to do it.

Drifting Is A Breeze

One of my favorite tactics is drift fishing in the wind. With a sinking line and a leech with a nymph dropper, let the wind push you and your boat or flotation device across the lake. This is a very successful technique at several of our larger lakes. It does require careful planning and some luck because if the wind changes, you can easily end up miles from your intended target and unless you have some contingency plan, you could be in for a long walk or paddle.

If Business Interferes With Fishing, Sell The Business

So, I don’t like fishing in the wind but, with some planning, I can usually live with it. Remember, any day fishing beats every good day doing most anything else!

Your Windy Buddy,
Fenwick Fleigenbinder

Post Script From All-Tied-Up

Besides turning your back to the wind try positioning yourself with the wind to your side. This position also allows you to use the power of the breeze to carry your fly to greater distances and to cover edges and drop offs that might be too close to your body to affectively fish when you are facing forward.

Now For The Free Hatch Chart & Trophy Location

Trophy Rainbow Trout and Trophy Tiger Trout Location & My Free Fly Hatch Chart Where The Trophy Trout Are For Park City, Utah, Heber Utah, Provo Utah, Orem Utah, Ogden Utah, Salt Lake City Utah, complete with Updated Information And Photos.

Check out the Tiger Trout photos, they are currently in full spawn colors and look just like salmon with their big orange bellies. They maintain these magnificent colors throughout the fall, winter and early spring months here in Utah.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Secrets Dry Fly Fishing For Fall Tiger Trout & Staging Monster Rainbow Trout

Secrets Dry Fly Fishing & Catching Fall Spawning Tiger Trout & Staging Rainbow Trout
Late Fall Spawning Tiger Trout have voracious appetites putting on weight for the spawn (false), although they are sterile they still come with a full set of hormones for both male and female.  These teeth are desinged to grab anything that moves including grasshoopers, adult damsel flies as well as ants, spiders, water boatman, and big dragon fly adults.

Go To Where The Big Trout Are
Whether you are fishing on private waters or public lakes and streams you need to locate the locations that have an abundance of the Tiger & Rainbow trophies you want to catch.  After all your research is going to be the first step to your successful outing for giant trout.

What Are The Lunkers Eating Right Now...

Once you know a desirable location start checking out the fly hatches for the area so you know what flies are available when you arrive.  Look especially for a good supply of terrestrials...since this is key food source for lunkers this time of year.  Here is a  link to a FREE hatch chart for Northern Utah Waters:

Contains weekly updates.

What Are The Current Anglers Catching

Check the local information to see what is happening and where to fish on the water as well as times and techniques.  Trophy Trout School provides complete assistance whether you use a guide or not.  Our information is to help everyone have a great day of fishing for Monster Tiger & Rainbow trout.

Huge female Tiger Trout showning off that awesome yellow belly of the brown trout with body size of a mature well fed trout feeding on large terrestrials like hoppers etc... I love fall fly fishing for these monsters.  Trophy Trout have been living on the ranch for over 10 years and run in size from 3 Lbs - 12Lbs!  These are awesome adversarys  that tail dance and run for Mexico when they feel the bite of your hook.
Check Out The Lay Of The Land & Water You Will Be Fishing

Google satelite maps will give you a really good look at what the terrain and waters will look like.  At trophy trout school and Hogans Ranch you can zoom right in on the still waters and even see the shallow flats next to the deep gin clear water where the fish hide.

Be sure to zoom in on the waters and watch how the water enters and leaves the ponds so you know where the feeding fish will be lingering.

Fall staging Monster Rainbows are preping for Spring Spawn just like their ocean loving cousins Steel Head Trout.  If we only had access to the Pacific our giant Rainbow Trout would be true Steel Heads and not the land locked type.

Early fall photo of the ranch still water upper pond with not even a breeze moving the water.  Note the intense blue sky and clouds reflected in the gin clear waters.  Home of trophy tiger trout and monster rainbow trout close to provo, salt lake city, park city and ogden utah.  Dove Creek West @  Hogan Ranch is a working cattle ranch that offers priv ate  fly fishing for both Trophy Tiger & lunker Rainbow Trout.  Fly fishing instructors are available year round from Trophy Trout School located at Hogan Ranch.  Year round access by reservation open to the general public 7 days a week.

Oh yes male Tigers are fast, smart and fight like there is no tomorrow.  Dry flies or nymphs and streamers will land a good size Tiger almost any day at Dove Creek West at Hogan  ranch in Tooele county, Utah.

Now Get Out Before Fall Slips By & The Hoppers Die Off

Fall Trophy Tiger Trout Trophy Trout School Fly Fishing Video

How To Catch Spawning Tiger Trout With Hoppers video

Monster Fall Staging Rainbow Trout & Tiger Trout Fly Fishing Near Salt Lake & Park City Utah

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Fall Spawning Brookies, Browns & Hybrid Tiger Trout & Staging Rainbow Trout

Fall Spawning Brookies, Browns & Hybrid Tiger Trout, Fly Fishing Heaven

The dogs days of August are behind us as the cool evenings carry over into the perfect short sleeve weather of days where the sunlight even feels softer to our skin.  The Brook Trout, Brown Trout and their hybrid, the Tiger Trout are all in the early stages of the fall spawn and their bodies have begun that annual change to a large girth with that all familiar kipe jaw and the colors are brilliant.
Sunsets come late but give us an awesome reward with vibrant colors in the cool fall evening air.

Even though Rainbow Trout will not begin spawning until early Spring they to go through a staging process throughout fall and winter.  We see this in their vibrant colors and growing girth as they put on weight for the great Spring spawn. 

During cool fall fly fishing weather the Tigers, Rainbow, Brown & Brook Trout are a favorite target for the angler.  Fly fishing grasshoppers, ants, adult damsel flies and anything else that falls into the water is a sure fire method for catching adrenaline filled trout who are gorging themselves before the winter freeze kills of the terrerstial popluation and their diet returns to scuds, leeches and nymphs.
Big Brother Little Brother & Trophy Trout School Guide Show Off Beautiflul Monster Rainbow Trout Preparing For Winter Staging Dove Creek West At Hogan Ranch, Home Of Trophy Trout School In Utah 
Everyone has the opportunity to tangle with really large trout this time of year and what great memories are made for the whole family to enjoy.  Not just catching and releasing the trout but taking in all of the beauty the outdoors has to offer.  Many years from now everone on this family adventure will recall the day and with the help of photo varify the rainbow trout truly was a monster who lived to
fight another day.

An Autumn Day Can't Be Beat Enjoying Still Water Dry Fly Fishing For Tiger & Rainbow Trout At Hogan Ranch.  Guests Fish With or Without Guides & Fly Fishing Instructors On Private Waters Close To Salt Lake City In Tooele County.

Beautiful Male Tiger Trout Ready For Fall Spawn (False Spawn).  When You Are 14 And Catch Your Utah Trophy Size Tiger Trout On A Fly Rod You Will Grin Ear To Ear...Just Like Adults Dol 
Before fall slips away take the family on a fly fishing trip with or with guides or even learn how to fly fish with our excellent trophy trout guides and instructors....Let the kids learn from a guide while dad and mom enjoy the time fishing on their own.  Dove Creek West At Hogan Ranch is only 45 minutes from Salt Lake City, Park City, Utah County, Provo & Ogden Utah.

Trophy Trout School

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Fall Fishing In The Uinta Mountains

An evening in the Uinta mountains fishing with my grandson

It was an interesting and very enjoyable evening spent fishing in the Uinta mountains with my grandson.  We arrived late in the afternoon with just enough time to get in some good fishing and relaxing time before the sun began to set. 
Fishing with my grandson
nice monster rainbow
trout he caught
...To Build A Fire
The setting sun was about one fingers width above the mountains and as I had promised, it was time to build a campfire for my grandson, Tanner.  He helped me gather the kindling from the surrounding sage brush and watched as I split the white pine I had brought from home into progressively smaller pieces.  There is something really satisfying about splitting wood, and it is more than the old “wood warms you twice” adage.  For some reason you somehow have a relationship with the wood and are grateful as it gives up its structure for your warmth.

Then we started the fire with paper and matches.  Tanner could hardly keep from piling all the wood on at one time, so I showed him how to add a little wood at a time so the fire would burn down into nice coals and still keep a nice blaze going. 
Then The Stars Came Out To Play
My fishing buddy with another
trophy trout
It got too dark to fish and we pulled our folding chairs upwind of the fire and warmed our feet and hands.  The darkness gathered around us like an old familiar blanket.  The stars began to speak up and the Milky Way appeared; something I haven’t seen for a few months but still a familiar silver cloud of stars adorning the darkness.  It always reminds me that there is more out there, so much more.

And then, my attention was drawn back down and into the fire.  Sitting there, wrapped in my hoody was Tanner with his face aglow in the fire light.
Good Night Sweet Dreams
Is there anyting more beautiful
 than the outdoors?
It’s at times like this that I get in touch with something.  It is more than fishing and catching fish and crawdads.  It goes beyond a day spent fishing and enjoying the outdoors – the animals, trees, flowers and water that seem to fill my soul.  I don’t know what it is except that I saw it…in a child’s face lit by the campfire.

                                   Fenwick Fleigenbinder  9/5/2011

Friday, February 11, 2011

Mid Winter Fly Fishing Or Blue Bird Days Still Water Fishing For Trophy Rainbow Trout & Tiger Trout In Utah

Blue Bird Winter Fishing Days Are Here & I Am Ready

It's 7:09 a.m. Friday February 11th 2011 and I am going fly fishing in a couple of hours with my best Friend and fellow guide Ralf.  Ralf likes to sleep in and fish during bankers hours in the late morning after the sun is well into the almost mid day sky and the black midge hatches are starting to stir the clear open waters of the still waters where we fish for trophy tiger and rainbow trout.  We stay near Salt Lake City & Park City in the lower altitudes where the open waters don't freeze and the tiger and rainbow trout are big and feisty.

Most people write about the great day they have had be truthful, I am like a kid on Christmas ever and just couldn't sleep any longer.  So to kill some time before I head out I am writing about some preparation work I've completed to make this day a success.  But just so you don't get too bored I have attached some great pictures taken in the past three weeks of fly fishing in Tooele County Utah at Dove Creek West located on the Hogan Ranch and home to Trophy Trout School.

Roaring Tiger Trout with kipe jaw and huge teeth holding a small chironomid in his lower jaw.
 Get The Equipment Clean

Getting ready took longer than I thought, mainly because I haven't stopped fishing this past summer, fall and winter to clean up my fly boxes and get organized.  So I began by washing the many layers of dirt and mud off my 9 1/2 foot fly rod and and bathing the reel and floating fly line in a warm bathtub of clean I was not in the tub with my equipment.  I had a shower earlier.  Anyway after removing all the line on my reel I opened it up and scoured out he the mud and dust from the past year.  Yes there was mud from falling into some slippery spots on the bank a few times.  I used a clean rag to run the run back onto the reel and does it ever shine.  Now rod and reel are ready for the giant trout the next step is preparing the fishing vest and flies.
Giant Winter Rainbow Trout solid red bars on his side starting to stage for Spring Spawn.
Get Those Flies In Order & Ready To Tie On 

Fishing vest unloaded and sent to the washer, organize all the flies in the 8 double sided floating boxes I always have close by in the trusty vest.  Clean the flies by removing left over tippet that I didn't take time to clear after using them sometime in the past year.  It is a pain to grab just the right fly and find you have to stop and clean the eye before you can tie it on..
Giant Winter Spawning Buck Tiger Trout At Trophy Trout School In Full Orange & Red Colors, Note The Kipe Jaw
Get Your Go To Flies Ready & Check My Hatch Chart

Dry the vest and organize the gear in your pockets so you know where each item is located.  My fly boxes are arranged dries on one side and nymphs on the reverse side located on my right hand outside pocket.  This is my go to side, yes I am right handed.  Left side is streamers, leeches, muddlers, sculpins, chironomids, terrestrials, scuds, sow bugs etc... the secret to winter fly fishing is to be prepared with every fly you may need to have a successful day of catching and not just fishing.  Take a look at my year round hatch chart at.

Sweet Monster Winter Rainbow Trout On A Cold Day With The Winter Snow Melted At First Thaw 
Ready To Go And All Gear Is At The Door 

This includes boots for the mud, extra drinking water bottles and some snacks to enjoy while I am catching trophy trout.  For more photos check out the website at

After The First Winter Thaw The Snows Came Again But What A Perfect Setting For Still Water Fly Fishing

One last parting shot of a buck tiger trout in full winter spawn colors in the net ready to be released.

I will post some current photos of today's fishing along with some videos get out there and do some winter blue bird fishing yourself.