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Secrets Dry Fly Fishing For Fall Tiger Trout & Staging Monster Rainbow Trout

Secrets Dry Fly Fishing & Catching Fall Spawning Tiger Trout & Staging Rainbow Trout
Late Fall Spawning Tiger Trout have voracious appetites putting on weight for the spawn (false), although they are sterile they still come with a full set of hormones for both male and female.  These teeth are desinged to grab anything that moves including grasshoopers, adult damsel flies as well as ants, spiders, water boatman, and big dragon fly adults.

Go To Where The Big Trout Are
Whether you are fishing on private waters or public lakes and streams you need to locate the locations that have an abundance of the Tiger & Rainbow trophies you want to catch.  After all your research is going to be the first step to your successful outing for giant trout.

What Are The Lunkers Eating Right Now...

Once you know a desirable location start checking out the fly hatches for the area so you know what flies are available when you arrive.  Look especially for a good supply of terrestrials...since this is key food source for lunkers this time of year.  Here is a  link to a FREE hatch chart for Northern Utah Waters:

Contains weekly updates.

What Are The Current Anglers Catching

Check the local information to see what is happening and where to fish on the water as well as times and techniques.  Trophy Trout School provides complete assistance whether you use a guide or not.  Our information is to help everyone have a great day of fishing for Monster Tiger & Rainbow trout.

Huge female Tiger Trout showning off that awesome yellow belly of the brown trout with body size of a mature well fed trout feeding on large terrestrials like hoppers etc... I love fall fly fishing for these monsters.  Trophy Trout have been living on the ranch for over 10 years and run in size from 3 Lbs - 12Lbs!  These are awesome adversarys  that tail dance and run for Mexico when they feel the bite of your hook.
Check Out The Lay Of The Land & Water You Will Be Fishing

Google satelite maps will give you a really good look at what the terrain and waters will look like.  At trophy trout school and Hogans Ranch you can zoom right in on the still waters and even see the shallow flats next to the deep gin clear water where the fish hide.

Be sure to zoom in on the waters and watch how the water enters and leaves the ponds so you know where the feeding fish will be lingering.

Fall staging Monster Rainbows are preping for Spring Spawn just like their ocean loving cousins Steel Head Trout.  If we only had access to the Pacific our giant Rainbow Trout would be true Steel Heads and not the land locked type.

Early fall photo of the ranch still water upper pond with not even a breeze moving the water.  Note the intense blue sky and clouds reflected in the gin clear waters.  Home of trophy tiger trout and monster rainbow trout close to provo, salt lake city, park city and ogden utah.  Dove Creek West @  Hogan Ranch is a working cattle ranch that offers priv ate  fly fishing for both Trophy Tiger & lunker Rainbow Trout.  Fly fishing instructors are available year round from Trophy Trout School located at Hogan Ranch.  Year round access by reservation open to the general public 7 days a week.

Oh yes male Tigers are fast, smart and fight like there is no tomorrow.  Dry flies or nymphs and streamers will land a good size Tiger almost any day at Dove Creek West at Hogan  ranch in Tooele county, Utah.

Now Get Out Before Fall Slips By & The Hoppers Die Off

Fall Trophy Tiger Trout Trophy Trout School Fly Fishing Video

How To Catch Spawning Tiger Trout With Hoppers video

Monster Fall Staging Rainbow Trout & Tiger Trout Fly Fishing Near Salt Lake & Park City Utah

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