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Fly Fishing Secrets For Fishing In The Wind For Trophy Trout

How To Successfully Fly Cast In The Wind
(you must have a good presentation to catch the trophy trout)

Trophy trout fishing in Utah is a major challenge in and of itself just trying to locate the big fish is enough to drive one crazy. Now throw in all the inclimate weather conditions and you have a real challenge on your hands. Fenwick has some really good tips on the secret of casting in the wind to obtain the best fly presentation for those big trophy rainbow and even larger tiger trout. Trophy Trout Guides share lots of photo's and great tips & guide secrets too !

Free Hatch Chart & Fishing Guides Locations In Utah

At the end of the article there will be some location information as well as a year round fly hatch chart for our readers to access. There will also be some information about our trophy trout fly fishing guides for Salt Lake, Park City, Heber, Ogden, Provo & Orem areas.

Against the Wind – Fly-Fishing’s Worst Weather Condition

Photo Catching Big Rainbow Trout In The Wind
Wind The Hazard Of Fishing

I have often complained that fly fishing in the wind is the least favored weather condition. I can, and have, dealt with about everything else the weather Gods can throw at me, including; blinding snow storms, torrential rains, Lightning and Thunder, heat, starvation, desolation and disorientation - a complete assortment of meteorological and psychological conditions. But still, wind is the worst!

A complete discussion of why this is so, is not warranted here; like the wind, it is too much of a downer. So, let’s not go into that except to say bad wind conditions are a fly-fishers nightmare.

Turn Your Back To The Problem

So, what does the enlightened fisherman do when the wind will not cooperate? Go home? Change locations? Or, sit in the car, assume a fetal position, and weep? Well, take heart little buddy, Uncle Fenwick has some suggestions to counteract unfortunate Aeolian circumstances.
The first is fairly obvious but, like most obvious things, it is overlooked more often than not. Put The Wind At Your Back! This strategy is the easiest way to overcome unfavorable winds yet , on the lakes and rivers I visit, I am amazed at how many fisherpersons I see struggling against the wind rather than with it. Putting the wind at your back also has a terrific

Photo Trophy Rainbow Trout Caught During Wind Storm

benefit, you can cast incredible distances! Of course, there are drawbacks to PTWAYB: you cannot get too extreme on your backcast and you run an increased risk of burying your fly in some exposed portion of your anatomy. And, you thought hats were invented to keep the sun out of your eyes. What Kevlar vests are to the police, the hat is to the fly-fisher. That does not explain why my buddy, Clyde, wears a Kevlar hat, but that is a story for another time.

Hauling & Double Hauling For Long Distance

Second, learn and perfect your “haul” and “double haul” cast. That way, you can keep your backcast under control and “shoot” additional line which you have piled in front of you.

Photo Hats & Parka Required For Fly Fishing In The Wind

I don’t want to go into detail here about how to haul and double haul, except to say that if you are having trouble learning how to do it, or have never tried it, here is a tip. Most of my students have learned how by practicing the movements without rod and line first. Once you have learned and memorized the contradictory motions of these casts, then start with rod and line. Learn these now! If you ever go on a fly-fishing trip to the Caribbean, Alaska or some other exotic, dream fulfilling location, don’t waste your time learning to haul and double haul there. Be advised you almost certainly need these casts when you do finally visit these dream locations.

Next, there is a whole assortment of strategies to take advantage of unfavorable winds You can use the wind to drift, counter currents, make really fancy, even strange casts. Just act like you meant to do it.

Drifting Is A Breeze

One of my favorite tactics is drift fishing in the wind. With a sinking line and a leech with a nymph dropper, let the wind push you and your boat or flotation device across the lake. This is a very successful technique at several of our larger lakes. It does require careful planning and some luck because if the wind changes, you can easily end up miles from your intended target and unless you have some contingency plan, you could be in for a long walk or paddle.

If Business Interferes With Fishing, Sell The Business

So, I don’t like fishing in the wind but, with some planning, I can usually live with it. Remember, any day fishing beats every good day doing most anything else!

Your Windy Buddy,
Fenwick Fleigenbinder

Post Script From All-Tied-Up

Besides turning your back to the wind try positioning yourself with the wind to your side. This position also allows you to use the power of the breeze to carry your fly to greater distances and to cover edges and drop offs that might be too close to your body to affectively fish when you are facing forward.

Now For The Free Hatch Chart & Trophy Location

Trophy Rainbow Trout and Trophy Tiger Trout Location & My Free Fly Hatch Chart Where The Trophy Trout Are For Park City, Utah, Heber Utah, Provo Utah, Orem Utah, Ogden Utah, Salt Lake City Utah, complete with Updated Information And Photos.

Check out the Tiger Trout photos, they are currently in full spawn colors and look just like salmon with their big orange bellies. They maintain these magnificent colors throughout the fall, winter and early spring months here in Utah.

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