Sunday, November 13, 2011

What I love about fishing

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What I Love About Fishing
Photo Spawning Tiger Trout
Fenwick Fleigenbinder
On Tuesday, My fishing buddy and I took a trip to our favorite lake. We got home tired, muddy, worn out and completely happy. That got me thinking - what is about fishing that makes me enjoy it so much? I came up with a few answers,
Night, I enjoy getting up early in the morning (4:00 AM) it is still night and you cannot tell the time of day by the darkness - midnight looks the same as 3:30 AM.. The streets are practically deserted. If there is no moon, its absence gives me hope for the days fishing, and if there is a moon, I consider it a valued companion. It seems as if the world is mine, well, mine and a few other early risers. We night people seem to share some secret known only to those who are acquainted with this dark time and make out way to our various tasks; my task is fishing.
Photo Spawning Rainbow Trout
The water, prior to any hint of sunrise, is a dark and silent mystery. And yet, I know the fish are there using the darkness to find their food and do the fishy things fish do when they are on their own. But in the few last moments of night before the slightest lightening begins to occur, it seems as though the darkness is permanent and sunrise will never come. When I look to sky again, there it is; that slight soft shift from black to gray that reassures me that dawn is coming.
People, who love the sky love sunsets, but the purists, the ones who really know the night, love the sky before dawn. Where sunset is a benediction of good day, the relaxation of all the days stresses, worries and culmination of its blessings, the sky before dawn is the portent of things to come, it is when all things prepare for what is next.
I can’t really liken anything to sunrise. It is the metaphor to which all things beginning, renewing, auspicious and favorable are compared. And, after the sunrise, the warmth of the day seeps through out coats until our feet and hands and bodies are comfortable again.
By this time, with luck we have already landed a fish or two. The water gives up its living jewels and each creature is a marvel of color and efficiency. When I see the fish revive and swim away, I am glad it still lives,
It is funny how catching fish is not as important as it used to be, But, with time, cost and other commitments lessening and restraining the time I have to go fishing, the time spent now seems more intense and real than when it seemed I had all the time in the world and my whole life ahead of me. But within those moments - it is just me and the water, the fish or a good friend, now that seems more than enough.
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