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Fishing Tournament November 26, 2010 Catch Spawning Trophy Tiger Trout & Rainbows

2nd Annual Day After Thanksgiving Fly Fishing Tournament
 Open To The General Public Friday November 26, 2010

Black Friday Trophy Trout Fishing Tournament Tooele County

 So it's that time of year Thanksgiving with a long weekend and the perfect day to hold our 2nd annual trophy trout fishing tournament in Tooele County, the day after Thanksgiving.

Fun fishing & Great People Too

What a riot to get together and catch the biggest rainbow and tiger trout in the State of Utah.  The Tigers are spawning and starting to build their redds (even though they are sterile the bucks and does go into a false spawn due to the raging hormones in their bodies).

Fall/Winter Spawning Trout Are Voracious Eaters

These giant trophy trout are big and so are their appetites, especially after feeding on large supplies of terrestrials all summer long.

Fly Eating Trout Attack Your Fly

Giant hungry trout are attacking flies like it may be their last meal of the year, and that means super figting fish for our guests.  You will not believe how big and hardy these bruisers are.  Average fight time is 4-5 minutes.  When was the last time you fought a trout for 4-5 minutes ?  In Utah, probably never before unless you come to our ranch.
 Trout Are Big Beautiful & Full Of Fight

Tiger Trout look like Salmon and so do the giant rainbow torut with their solid red bar stripes and kipe jaws.

Watch Your Rod Bend & Your Reel Scream
As our ranch tiger trout and rainbow trout slam your fly and head south to Mexico.  Hang on and be careful not to get your knuckles dusted as your reel handle spins out of control from the trout running our your drag 30-40 feet per run.  This kind of painful experience always seems to make a fly fisherman smile.

It May Be Cold But Big Trout Warm The Soul

Everyone smiles in the cold or even the snow when you catch the biggest fish of your life on our ranch in Tooele County, a short 45 minutes from Salt Lake, Davis, Weber & Utah County.
 Dress Warm & You Will Love Catching Trophy Rainbow & Giant Tiger Trout Fly Fishing

Yes and extra layer and you will keep warm while casting to these "salmon & steel heads" that's what our clients from the Northwest call our trophy tiger and rainbow trout.
Teams Include Husbands & Wives Too

Teams are made up of friends, family, spouses and singles that we combine into teams at the start of the tournament.

This venue makes a great time for everyone and what a great day to celebrate the day after Thanksgiving and work off some of that giant turkey dinner you had the day before.
Cold Weather Or Not You Catch Giant Fish

You may get a little cold but the fishing is always hot at our ranch.  Especially on tournament days.  Remember these are wild trout and you have to work to catch them...this is not a hatchery experience.
Salmon Or Tiger Trout...You Decide

When you see the beautiful spawning colors you will wonder yourself if the tiger trout is a trout or a salmon.
Sunny Or Cloudy We Have A Great Fly Fishing Tournament For Everyone

Come out and enjoy the fun....check out our website for complete details and to register for the Black Friday fly fishing tournament in Tooele County Utah on our private family ranch.


Saturday, October 23, 2010


Get ready to call PETA because this blog will be about killing (and eating) trout!

We live in an “enlightened” age and keeping trout is not politically correct. Keeping, killing and eating trout is it is not only discouraged, some anglers consider killing a trout blasphemy, anathema or worse.

However, there are several instances where our state Division of Wildlife Resources has encouraged anglers to keep a few fish. The Provo River has abundant fish and would benefit from removal of some of these fish to help the remaining fish become larger and healthier. At Flaming Gorge, anglers are encouraged to keep Lake Trout for the same reason. At Bear Lake, where sterile rainbow trout were stocked, anglers were encouraged to keep rainbows because the fish probably would not survive the winter. This probably holds true for a number of stock and harvest community ponds as well.

So, there are good reasons to keep trout and sometimes other species as well. Note: please take only that portion of the daily limit you will actually use and consume. Trout and other fish are far too valuable to be wasted.
When you take a few trout home with you, you are assisting the fishery by fulfilling your role as a predator and “thinning” the herd. The remaining trout face less competition and can get larger. The habitat as well benefits from having less fish in it. Obviously, the capability of any given habitat to sustain a given number of fish is left to the experts but when they say “take home a few fish” I feel it is our obligation to do so provided we can put them to good use.

There is another issue at work here. There are many who would like to see fishing eliminated entirely based on the notion that it is cruelty to the fish. I do not for one moment believe these individuals are at all concerned about the fish, rather, I feel they are trying to impose their philosophical vision of the world on everyone else. Nonetheless, if anglers accept the idea that they should never kill a fish, to a great extent, they are supporting that argument. Conversely, by acknowledging that; sometimes, even in the best of circumstances, fish are killed, and when they are, we try our best to utilize the animal for food, we lessen the potential argument that since fishing is not for survival (You don’t eat the fish, do you?) it should be eliminated. So eat a trout every now and again to maintain your right to fish!
Incidentally, one of the most underutilized methods for controlling illegally introduced or unwanted species of fish in waters is the fishermen. A bounty placed on Squawfish in the Northwest improved the survival and recruitment of Salmon. A bounty placed on illegally stocked or unwanted fish such as Burbot , Lake Trout (illegally planted in waters they should not be in) or other species can certainly put a dent in the population if not possibly eradicate them completely. Our Nation’s history is replete with examples of overfishing taking out entire species from some waters. Why not harness that natural power of fishermen’s ability to decimate a fish population by rewarding those willing to target unwanted species. It’s a “win-win”.

Ok, you have your fish home – there are other tasks you should perform each time you clean your fish

First, assess the general health of the fish just in case you find something alarming which should be reported to your local Wildlife Resource Division. Be sure to record the water, date and time of your catch. I am sure they will appreciate the feedback if you find something that should not be there.

Next, do an autopsy on your fish to check the stomach contents. You will be amazed at how much you can learn from this examination. I would never have learned that trout feed on snails, crawdads, cigarette butts and even Daphnia had I not taken this extra step. You can do this on live fish, but since fish taken home are already destined for consumption, you don’t have to do risky “field surgery” also known as stomach pumping of fish if performed incorrectly or by an "untrained" angler. So if you do pump the stomach be sure to learn the correct technique so you donot inadvertanly harm a fish that you plan on safely releasing.

Now, eat your fish. If you do not eat them, give them to someone who will. Of course, be sure to obey all possession limits and laws relating to the giving of fish you have caught to someone else.

Trout are delicious and I suspect that those who do not like eating them have not had them properly prepared. Even if you bring home some “planters” (which you can just about count on if, like me, you fish with your grandkids) and you are unsure about their flavor, you can still make a delicious meal out of them. I marinate mine for about ½ hour in Italian Dressing prior to cooking in the method of your choice and you will be surprised how firm, good and unfishy they taste.

Finally, be thankful that you live in an area where you are free to fish. Even with the access issues we face here, we still have many opportunities to fish and many people do not have that same freedom. We have been given a great heritage and a wonderful place to follow the traditions of our predecessors.

When I was a kid, I remember neighbors coming home with gunny sacks full of trout. The ladies in the neighborhood dutifully canned these trout for winter use. It was an important part of preparing for winter and the trout helped people survive those harder times.

I remember having my very first “trout sandwich”. Mrs. Anderson, my neighbor had just “put up” a bunch of trout and had a little cooked trout left over. She asked me if I wanted a sandwich. She sliced up one of the last red, ripe tomatoes from her garden; put a little Mayo on toasted bread and topped it with a thick layer of beautiful pink trout. It was delicious. And, in the end, that is really what fishing was about.

Today, fishing for me has little to do with catching trout. It is far more about where I go, who I am with and being with and in nature. But fishing’s roots are far deeper and more primal. It is at its deepest about survival and today our survival is less about filling our hunger and more about filling our hearts.

See more photos and learn about our trophy trout ranch in Tooele County Close To Salt Lake City, Park City, Davis County, Weber County, Utah County, Summit County, Uintah County, & All locations in Utah.

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Successful Still Water Fly Fishing In Low Water & Weeds For Trophy Trout

Weeds & Low Water Equals Ideal Conditions For Trophy Tiger & Rainbow Trout

It never ceases to amaze me how many so called fly fishing anglers will walk up to a beautiful body of water and refuse to fish there because of the weeds and moss in the water.  They are looking for perfect clear water and fishing conditions, for them, not the fish.
Weeds & Low Water Are Trout Paradise & You Need To Know How To Fish These Conditions
Learn To Read These Great Beds Of Food Where The Lunkers Live & Thrive

The truth is prime conditions for quality fish are usually not the conditions most fishermen are looking for.  Too bad...if you walk away from a scene like this one because of the weeds you are leaving behind the opportunity to catch truly trophy size trout.  You just need to understand what flies to use and how to approach the weeds to be successful and with a little practice you will walk away at the end of the trip catching the biggest trout of your life.

Grass & Weed Beds Means Food, Lots Of Food
For Large Hardy Fish & This Is Where You Find Them

With a little patience & the right dry fly you can avoid hanging on weeds and catch trophy rainbow trout like this!

Look At All The Insects In The Weeds & Moss

There is a trout buffet of high protein insects on top of the weeds as well as underneath the moss and that my friends is exactly where the lunker trout are hiding and feeding.  Now that you have  recognied that the trophy trout you want to catch are so close by and accessible, due to lower water, you are ready to start selecting your initial starting dry fly.  After all you are going to fish close to the weeds and in the openings!

Terrestrials Are A Great Starter Pattern In Summer & Fall When Weeds Are Plentiful
Doe Rainbow Trout 22" caught on a #20 hopper pattern

Now The Fun Begins, Catching Trophy Tiger & Rainbow Trout

In still water fly fishing it is important to think about all the insects you see as you approach the water from your car or truck.  Look for the grasshoppers, ants, beetles, bees, gnats as well as the may flies.  These insects are bigger than their aquatic cousins and provide more protein to the larger trout.  They are the cherry on top of a hot fudge sunday for these lunker rainbows.  The also float high on the water and can be cast near the edge of the weed beds or even open water within the beds and moss on the water.  The edges and open water are exactly where you want to present you fly..then hang on for the fight of your life as the trophy hits your fly and heads into the weeds to ditch you.  Now you have a fight on your hands and if you "horse" this monster he will either bend your hook or break your tippett.

So Now Try Some Other Dry Flies
Now You Know How To Fish The Weeds For Trout Try Some Other Dry Flies

Mayflies & Gnats Also Have A Place In Still Water Moss & Weeds

Now you know where to place your fly begin experimenting with other dry flies in your box.  You will be pleasantly surprised how much you enjoy fly fishing in summer and fall when others are walking away from these great conditions.  When you look at the weeds remember to focus on the open spots as well as the edges to cast you fly.  These are the areas the trout are also watching and waiting for their next meal.

Using Nymphs & Wet Flies In Moss & Weeds For Trophy Trout
You can see the weeds tangled on my line between the 24" Rainbow Trout & Strike Indicator
Use The Strike Indicator to help you spot a fish taking the fly in the weeds and moss.  This technique has you dropping your nymph along the weeds and moss just like a dry fly.  However you allow the nymph to slowly sink until the strike indicator moves away from you (it is pulled by the sinking nymph) until it stops moving.  The stop tells you the nymph is at depth.  Now slowly retrieve the nymph one or two inches at a time and allow the strike indicator to move away from you again.  Keep repeating this action until you get a "hit" or need to cast again.  You will catch the biggest trout of your life. 

Come visit us at our ranch in Utah for some great trophy trout fishing.  We are open year round.

Learn More About Still Water Fly Fishing At Our Website.....Plenty Of Photos Too!

Happy Fishing!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Flaming Gorge Trophy Trout & Kokanne Salmon Fishing Guides

Catching Trophy Lake Trout, Kokanee Salmon, Rainbow & Brown Trout Guides 

Finding a licensed as well as experienced guide on Flaming Gorge can be a challenge.  There are always those people who profess to be a guide but are not even licensed as a Captain by the U.S. Coast Guard.  Do not select anyone who is not fully trained and currently licenced with the U.S. Coast Guard hecause it is illegal for this person to be guiding you and they risk severe fines and penatlies under law as well as the clients paying for his services.  So only use a legal guide.  You won't live to regret it.

How Select The Correct Legal Guide When Fishing At Flaming Gorge

Fishing For All Species In Flaming Gorge Means Using A Unique Guide
Fly fishing for giant brown trout at Flaming Gorge and catching them.

Now you have a legally licensed guide you need to make certain your guide is experienced catching the quarry you are after.  Check the website of your guide to see what species they fish for.  A guide that only fishes for lake trout will limit you to that experience and you will miss out on catching Konkanne Salmon, a favorite on Flaming Gorge as well as trophy rainbow trout, german brown trout, small mouth bass.  So set your sights high and select a captain that has experience and references to all the species you want to catch while at Flaming Gorge.  Check the captains references at Lucerne Valley Marina in Manila Utah for a guide that fishings both Wyoming & Utah.  Lucerne Valley Marina Sponsors only licensed guides like Captain Monty with over 30 years fishing experience and a qualifed licensed Captain with the U.S. Coast Guard.  http://www.montysfishing.com/
Flaming Gorge is located in the Ashley National Forest which also sponsors and promotes Captain Monty of http://montysfishing.com/
Fly Fishing On Flaming Gorge
Trophy Lake Trout With Huge Sharp Teeth
When you want to fly fish for those 40 lb. rainbow trout and giant german browns your outfitter must be experience and have a boat that can easily access rivers and shallow streams so guests can get into areas of Flaming Gorge that are only accessible by jet boat.  Captain Monty's jet boat will cruise in shallow water to allow guests to fish in remote canyon streams that other fly fishing anglers can only dream about.  Fly fish for Trophy Rainbow Trout, Giant German Brown Trout, Small mouth Bass with a guide that knows all the areas to locate these big elusive fish.  A lot of anglers have been fishing below the dam on the famous Green River and have never taken the opportunity to fly fish on the lake itself.  No wonder, only one expereinced guide offers access to all the species of trout in Flaming Gorge.  http://montysfishing.com/ as well as all forms of fishing including fly fishing from his jet boat to landing his clients in a canyon by a stream or river that is only accessible by boat and an experience guide that knows where to take his clients for the greatest fishing success.  Captain Monty is the trophy trout guide of Lucerne Valley Marina and Flaming Gorge Utah & Wyoming.

Kokanne Salmon
Large Kokanee Salmon Make A Great Mount
Kokanne Salmon are some to the best fighting fish found in Flaming Gorge.  They typically run in the 4-6 pound range or bigger.  Captain Monty guides visitors to Kokanee grounds on a daily basis in both Wyoming and Utah sides of Flaming Gorge Reservoir.  Kokanee Salmon are a favorite fish to catch and eat. 

Beautiful Kokanee Salmon Swimming In Stream
Giant Flaming Gorge Lake Trout Are Found By Captian Monty Throughout The Lake

Weighing in a giant lake trout taken from Flaming Gorge
Lake Trout have always been a favorite sport fish found in Flaming Gorge.  Anglers using an experienced and licensed guide have the best chances of catching the big Mac's in the 30-50 lb. range.  Captain Monty will take you the best lake trout locations in Wyoming and Utah leaving from Lucerne Valley Marina in Manila Utah.  For the best fishing trip of your life and vacation for the whole family, contact Captain Monty at http://www.montysfishing.com

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Catching Record Size Lake Trout At Flaming Gorge Lake Or Reservoir

How To Fish For Trophy Lake Trout, Giant Rainbow Trout, 
Monster Browns And Bass At Flaming Gorge

Photo Weighing In A Trophy Lake Trout At Flaming
            Gorge Reservoir In Wyoming And Utah   
While we love fly-fishing, we always encourage anglers to try different species of fish. One of the most intriguing and exciting fish species is the Lake Trout (Salvelinus namaycush) aka Mackinaw or Mac. This wonderful game and food fish is actually a member of the Char family (Savlenius) like Brook Trout and Arctic Char.
Lake Trout In Wyoming and Utah Lucerne Valley

Lake Trout grow to over 100 lbs but anything over around 20-25 lbs can be considered a trophy. They are found in Canada and the United States. Our favorite place to fish for Mac’s is Flaming Gorge Res. On the Utah/Wyoming border. The Gorge is an exceptional fishery for Mac’s, Rainbow, Kokanee, Bass and Brown Trout. Both the Utah Lake Trout and Brown Trout record were caught here. Most excitingly, there is evidence of really humungous Mac’s in the reservoir so your chances of catching a record Laker is actually quite good all things considered.  More photos are lake trout are available through trrophy trout guide monty at:

Photo at Flaming Gorge Reservoir Of Angler With Giant
            Lake Trout, Guide Monty's Fishing
Trophy Mac's Are Big & Colorful
In general, lake trout may be grayish, greenish, brownish, or blackish. It has dark worm-like markings (vermiculation) on its side and back on an iridescent background color. The belly is whitish. The whole body is amply covered with light spots which are more intense than those of other chars and are more evident on younger fish. The lower fin is trimmed along its leading edge with creams and whites.

How To Find Giant Lake Trout
Angling for Lakers is both easy and difficult. Because they like deep water and specific structure, it is wise to get a guide if you don’t have a boat and/or want to learn to catch them consistently. We recommend Monty’s Fishing at Flaming Gorge. Monty is a great guide who is U.S. Coast Guard Licensed Captain offering service with Lucern Valley Marina in Utah who makes your fishing experience a ton of fun!

Photo Lake Trout Are Commonly 30-40 Pounds
In Size And Records Are Over 50 Pounds!
Large Lake Trout Are Caught Year After Year In Flaming Gorge Lake
Photo Angler With Trophy Lake Trout While
Fishing On "The Fish Teaser" boat Captained
By Monty of Montys Fishing Service At
Flaming Gorge.
Once you have learned a bit about fishing for these lunkers, you can try to go after them in your boat or rent one on the Gorge – again for rentals, we recommend the great folks at Lucerne Valley Marina just outside of Manila, Utah. They are a full service marina with everything from lodging and rental boats to Monty’s guide service and even tackle and advice.

Incredible Sites To See At Flaming Gorge
How was the fishing? Fantastic! We caught Lakers and Rainbows and had an absolute blast. Flaming Gorge is also a feast for the eyes with unimaginable sights, wildlife and history!  Vacationing at Flaming Gorge is a treat for the entire family with access to the full service marina at Lucern Valley Marina and Captain Monty of www.Montysfishing.com as your qualified U.S. Coast Guard Captain and guide providing services through Lucerne Valley Marina and Ashley National Forest.

Next blog I’ll talk about techniques for catching these monsters of the deep!

Monty's Fishing Website

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Fly Fishing Flaming Gorge

Fly Fishing Flaming Gorge
Photo Nice Kokanee taken on a fly.  Kokanee
Salmon are found in large numbers throughout
the reservoir.                                                                                                                                 
I love fly fishing, in fact I love all types of fishing, but fly fishing is very near and dear to my heart.  Recently I had the opportunity to return to the lake known as Flaming Gorge and took the opportunity to spend time with Captain Monty Thurgood of http://www.montysfishing.com/.  Captain Monty is a U.S. Coast Guard licensed Captain & his Thunder Jet boat is U.S. Coast Guard inspected.  Captain Monty runs a tight ship and offers his 30 "+" years of fishing experience to all guests no matter how little or how much they know about catching fish on Flaming Gorge.
Fish The Streams That Feed Into Flaming Gorge Reservoir 
Photo Kokanee swimming in creek bottom
Fishing The Canyons, Creeks & Streams that flow into Flaming Gorge is a real treat.  Monty's fishing works in conjunction with the Lucerne Valley Marina in Manila Utah & Ashley National Forest.  With Captain Monty at the helm we headed out in the early morning hours looking for a quiet stream or creek that was not flowing too heavy from the Spring runoff.  Today we were looking for Kokanee, Small Mouth Bass, trophy Rainbow Trout, Deep hole Brown Trout & state record size lake trout!  In other words any and all fish were fair game.  There was no disappointment this day and we were soon fishing on a small creek that is only accessible by boat, a really shallow boat that can run in only 12" of water to get over the big boulders in the mouth of the creek.  Learn more about fly fishing at Flaming Gorge Reservoir at:
Captain Monty lived up to his reputation as a knowledgeable licensed Captain and manuvered his jet boat next to a large boulder so we could leave the boat without getting our feet wet.  The jet boat holds next to shore for guests to easily disembark to the shore to fly fish, stretch your legs or visit a full service rest stop.
Floating That First Fly In Flaming Gorge Reservoir
Photo Konanee Salmon fresh from a strong fiight
After a quick stretch of my legs my partner and I were on shore and casting into a stream that no one else in the world seemed to be aware of at the moment.  It didn't take long to hook the fiirst, second, third, fourth and so on.  Rainbows and Browns were everywhere and running in the 22-26 inch range.  Not bad for a # 16 Bears Paw.  The light morning hatch of gnats and mayflieswas just what we were looking for.  Active hatch means active fish that are unmolested in this incredible canyon.  See more Kokanee photos and details at: 


More Fishing For The State Record
I will cover more sites and fishing for record size lake trout, trophy rainbow trout that run up to 40 lb.s, huge brown trout, & fat small mouth bass. Captain Monty is a highly qualifed fishing guide and can be contacted at his web address      http://www.montysfishing.com

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Do Bamboo Fly Rods Live Upto All The Hype Or Are They Just Over Priced Status Symbols??


I admire bamboo fly rods created by exceptional craftsmen of yesterday and today. I have owned some and coveted more. But, I think it is time to tell the truth about bamboo fly rods.

Photo Trophy Rainbow Trout Caught Near Tooele County
Using A Composite Fly Rod

Oooooops, The Bamboo Fly Rod Bent...Permanently

Recently, I happened to run across two articles about bamboo fly rods; the first described how to “straighten” a bent bamboo rod and the second rhapsodized about the joy of fishing with the “Stradivarius” of fly rods.

If You Like Your Fly Rod To Function Like A Wet Noodle Then Bamboo Is For You

There is a very good reason why many fisherman of my generation do not fly fish: Bamboo Fly Rods. Back in my youth, just about every store sold these contraptions. They usually came in a fancy case or bag. They were anywhere from 12’ – 16’ long and were little more than a long noodle. Like lures designed to catch fishermen rather than fish, these rods were designed more to be sold, rather than actually fished.

Casting A Bamboo Fly Rod Was Torture, Unless Your Were The Marquis De Sade

Photo Nice Big Rainbow Trout Caught In Winter Near
Salt Lake City Without A Bamboo Rod

Casting with one was something less than the sublime joy and subtle presentation so valued today. We used to joke about making your back cast and having time enough to light up a cigar waiting for the line to straighten out behind you, before starting your forward stroke. The vaunted delicate presentation resulted from the rods being light and long. So little actual force was transmitted to the line and fly that; when your fly - after drifting down like an inebriated dandelion seed – touched down on the water, it was with such a light impact that even the meniscus didn’t notice. In the meantime, if you hadn’t dozed off waiting for it to alight, you were generally so distracted that when and if a fish actually took your dry fly, you struck. Several seconds later, the force of your strike actually moved your fly and jerked it a few micro millimeters; long after the fish had disappeared forever.

The Crook In My Bamboo Gives It Character

Another significant feature of bamboo rods is their tendency to ”set” aka “bent rod” The author of the aforementioned article listed several ways of straightening bamboo using a combination of steam and voodoo. He then made the interesting claim that a bent rod he once owned had a crook in it which allowed him to make the equivalent of a reach cast. Nothing was mentioned of what he would do if the rod was bent the “wrong” way. It is noteworthy that this idea never became the new wave of fly rod making; imagine if it had:
Photo Fat Rainbow Trout Caught Near Park City Utah
With A Modern Fly Rod
“Yep that is a nice bamboo rod you got there, Retro.”

“Yep, it’s a 13’ - 4 weight with a right hand pre-bend of 42 degrees of arc. I’m going to use it when I can only fish up stream on the east bank or the Moochanooga…”

…..and so goes the conversation.

I even watched a well know Colorado rod maker point out the proper way to use a bamboo rod to play a large fish is to "turn the rod upside down (Eyes Facing Down) , so you don't stress the bamboo"! This statement is both absurd & ridiculous!!! Thank goodness the age of bamboo Rods is in the past.

Over Priced Is An Understatement When It Comes To Bamboo Fly Rods

Photo Cutthroat Trout Caught With A Composite
Fly Rod At Strawberry Reservoir In Utah
Today’s bamboo rods are a significant improvement over the products of the past and some are truly exceptional and they usually come with a truly exceptional price. And I am not knocking them in any way. However, I think a good question to ask is “why” one actually uses a bamboo rod. Is it because like John Gierach; you just like them or is it a sentimental reason (which I would never gainsay) or is it because it is a status symbol?

Back In The Day Bamboo Rods Were Lousy Too, But The Only Thing That Was Available For Most People

Some say using a bamboo fly rod takes us back to a simpler and more pleasant time – and I suppose that might be a good thing, however; one also might want to give up your car for a wagon, fishing rods for willow sticks and while we are at it, give up all the modern conveniences that we have spent so much of our hard earned dollars on.

Photo Rainbow Caught While Still Water Fly
Fishing Near Tooele
As for me, I like a good rod, well priced, that performs as I want it to. To me the warranty is far more important than all other secondary considerations. And; when I have fished with it for a while, it becomes mine in a more real sense than most of the things I own; it becomes more than an implement or tool – it becomes my fly rod. I would like to leave my cherished rod to my kids and have it be something they can really use; without intense frustration or worry that breaking the tip or creating a permanent bend in the rod ruins their next trip to Antiques Roadshow.
I should add that there are many bamboo rod builders creating absolutely wonderful rods. Be prepared to pay from just under $1000 to several thousand. Are they worth it? Well, certainly they fish well, are hand crafted and often exceptionally beautiful but once again, you are getting an incremental increase in performance for something quite a bit more than an incremental price!
Learn More About Trophy Trout Fishing At Our Website

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New Years Resolution To Go Fishing More Often

Fish Close To Salt Lake City For Trophy Trout & Spend More Time Fishing & Less Time Driving To The Best Fishing Waters In Utah. Fishing Near Tooele County For Trophy Tiger Trout & Massive Rainbow Trout In Ice Free Springs On 10,000 Acre Ranch Open Year Round To The General Public By Advance Reservation. Check out the website at the end of the blog for directions and more photo's.

Two Faced God Improves January Winter Tooele Trout Fishing

He was a rather strange looking god with two faces; one facing forward and one rearward. He could see into the past and future. Our word January is derived from his name; Janus.
Photo January Rainbow Trout Caught In Tooele County Utah On Ice Free Springs

Two Faces Are Better Than One

I was thinking about how cool it would be to have two faces like Janus. My rear face could watch my back cast as I’m casting and watch out for those pesky limbs and bushes trying to snag my fly line. In addition, one face could admire the scenery while the other fishes.

Two faced For Another Time
I’ve known some people who were defiantly like Janus; two faced - but that is a topic for another time.

Reflecting On Past Helps Us Plan On A Solid Fishing Future
Getting back to Janus, he was the god of gates, doors and change. It’s appropriate that January is named after him. With the New Year and a new decade, we have a great opportunity to look back at last year and look forward to the next.

Resolve To Spend Your Free Time By Deciding How Much You Have

Several years ago, I resolved not to make any more New Year’s resolutions. My life has been

Photo January Rainbow Trout Caught Near Salt Lake City In Tooele County In January

considerably simplified since I made and kept that resolution. When January comes around, I do take time to review the last year and consider the next. I look at what I’ve accomplished and what I want to accomplish in the upcoming year.

Go Winter Ice Free Fishing For Trophy Trout
For example, one of my goals for 2009 was to do more fishing and when I reviewed that year I could clearly see I had done just that! One of the things that helped me a great deal was having a nearby, convenient, weather protected trophy trout fishery 40 minutes from my house. It is a piece of cake to sneak away for an afternoon or an evening casting your nymph or dry-fly to hungry behemoth tiger and rainbow trout. The psychological benefits are incalculable!
Face The New Year With Goals Of Play With Family & Friends
We face this New Year fraught with challenges and laden with opportunity. Let’s all make the best of it. I suggest that if you do not fish and want to, and then take it up. Hire a guide or take some lessons (Clyde and I do both) and if you already are a fly fisherperson, go more often. We often see fly-fisherpersons Photo Trophy Rainbow Trout Caught In January In Spring Creek Near Tooele Utah taking a child or relative with them – what priceless memories they are creating.
Three Big Smiles
I am certain that this would make all three faces smile; the two on Janus and the one in your mirror.

Fenwick Fleigenbinder

Tooele Ice Free Winter Fishing On 10,000 Acre Family Ranch.


Fish With Or Without A Guide, Give Us A Call & Let's Go Fishing!