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Successful Still Water Fly Fishing In Low Water & Weeds For Trophy Trout

Weeds & Low Water Equals Ideal Conditions For Trophy Tiger & Rainbow Trout

It never ceases to amaze me how many so called fly fishing anglers will walk up to a beautiful body of water and refuse to fish there because of the weeds and moss in the water.  They are looking for perfect clear water and fishing conditions, for them, not the fish.
Weeds & Low Water Are Trout Paradise & You Need To Know How To Fish These Conditions
Learn To Read These Great Beds Of Food Where The Lunkers Live & Thrive

The truth is prime conditions for quality fish are usually not the conditions most fishermen are looking for.  Too bad...if you walk away from a scene like this one because of the weeds you are leaving behind the opportunity to catch truly trophy size trout.  You just need to understand what flies to use and how to approach the weeds to be successful and with a little practice you will walk away at the end of the trip catching the biggest trout of your life.

Grass & Weed Beds Means Food, Lots Of Food
For Large Hardy Fish & This Is Where You Find Them

With a little patience & the right dry fly you can avoid hanging on weeds and catch trophy rainbow trout like this!

Look At All The Insects In The Weeds & Moss

There is a trout buffet of high protein insects on top of the weeds as well as underneath the moss and that my friends is exactly where the lunker trout are hiding and feeding.  Now that you have  recognied that the trophy trout you want to catch are so close by and accessible, due to lower water, you are ready to start selecting your initial starting dry fly.  After all you are going to fish close to the weeds and in the openings!

Terrestrials Are A Great Starter Pattern In Summer & Fall When Weeds Are Plentiful
Doe Rainbow Trout 22" caught on a #20 hopper pattern

Now The Fun Begins, Catching Trophy Tiger & Rainbow Trout

In still water fly fishing it is important to think about all the insects you see as you approach the water from your car or truck.  Look for the grasshoppers, ants, beetles, bees, gnats as well as the may flies.  These insects are bigger than their aquatic cousins and provide more protein to the larger trout.  They are the cherry on top of a hot fudge sunday for these lunker rainbows.  The also float high on the water and can be cast near the edge of the weed beds or even open water within the beds and moss on the water.  The edges and open water are exactly where you want to present you fly..then hang on for the fight of your life as the trophy hits your fly and heads into the weeds to ditch you.  Now you have a fight on your hands and if you "horse" this monster he will either bend your hook or break your tippett.

So Now Try Some Other Dry Flies
Now You Know How To Fish The Weeds For Trout Try Some Other Dry Flies

Mayflies & Gnats Also Have A Place In Still Water Moss & Weeds

Now you know where to place your fly begin experimenting with other dry flies in your box.  You will be pleasantly surprised how much you enjoy fly fishing in summer and fall when others are walking away from these great conditions.  When you look at the weeds remember to focus on the open spots as well as the edges to cast you fly.  These are the areas the trout are also watching and waiting for their next meal.

Using Nymphs & Wet Flies In Moss & Weeds For Trophy Trout
You can see the weeds tangled on my line between the 24" Rainbow Trout & Strike Indicator
Use The Strike Indicator to help you spot a fish taking the fly in the weeds and moss.  This technique has you dropping your nymph along the weeds and moss just like a dry fly.  However you allow the nymph to slowly sink until the strike indicator moves away from you (it is pulled by the sinking nymph) until it stops moving.  The stop tells you the nymph is at depth.  Now slowly retrieve the nymph one or two inches at a time and allow the strike indicator to move away from you again.  Keep repeating this action until you get a "hit" or need to cast again.  You will catch the biggest trout of your life. 

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Happy Fishing!

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