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Flaming Gorge Trophy Trout & Kokanne Salmon Fishing Guides

Catching Trophy Lake Trout, Kokanee Salmon, Rainbow & Brown Trout Guides 

Finding a licensed as well as experienced guide on Flaming Gorge can be a challenge.  There are always those people who profess to be a guide but are not even licensed as a Captain by the U.S. Coast Guard.  Do not select anyone who is not fully trained and currently licenced with the U.S. Coast Guard hecause it is illegal for this person to be guiding you and they risk severe fines and penatlies under law as well as the clients paying for his services.  So only use a legal guide.  You won't live to regret it.

How Select The Correct Legal Guide When Fishing At Flaming Gorge

Fishing For All Species In Flaming Gorge Means Using A Unique Guide
Fly fishing for giant brown trout at Flaming Gorge and catching them.

Now you have a legally licensed guide you need to make certain your guide is experienced catching the quarry you are after.  Check the website of your guide to see what species they fish for.  A guide that only fishes for lake trout will limit you to that experience and you will miss out on catching Konkanne Salmon, a favorite on Flaming Gorge as well as trophy rainbow trout, german brown trout, small mouth bass.  So set your sights high and select a captain that has experience and references to all the species you want to catch while at Flaming Gorge.  Check the captains references at Lucerne Valley Marina in Manila Utah for a guide that fishings both Wyoming & Utah.  Lucerne Valley Marina Sponsors only licensed guides like Captain Monty with over 30 years fishing experience and a qualifed licensed Captain with the U.S. Coast Guard.
Flaming Gorge is located in the Ashley National Forest which also sponsors and promotes Captain Monty of
Fly Fishing On Flaming Gorge
Trophy Lake Trout With Huge Sharp Teeth
When you want to fly fish for those 40 lb. rainbow trout and giant german browns your outfitter must be experience and have a boat that can easily access rivers and shallow streams so guests can get into areas of Flaming Gorge that are only accessible by jet boat.  Captain Monty's jet boat will cruise in shallow water to allow guests to fish in remote canyon streams that other fly fishing anglers can only dream about.  Fly fish for Trophy Rainbow Trout, Giant German Brown Trout, Small mouth Bass with a guide that knows all the areas to locate these big elusive fish.  A lot of anglers have been fishing below the dam on the famous Green River and have never taken the opportunity to fly fish on the lake itself.  No wonder, only one expereinced guide offers access to all the species of trout in Flaming Gorge. as well as all forms of fishing including fly fishing from his jet boat to landing his clients in a canyon by a stream or river that is only accessible by boat and an experience guide that knows where to take his clients for the greatest fishing success.  Captain Monty is the trophy trout guide of Lucerne Valley Marina and Flaming Gorge Utah & Wyoming.

Kokanne Salmon
Large Kokanee Salmon Make A Great Mount
Kokanne Salmon are some to the best fighting fish found in Flaming Gorge.  They typically run in the 4-6 pound range or bigger.  Captain Monty guides visitors to Kokanee grounds on a daily basis in both Wyoming and Utah sides of Flaming Gorge Reservoir.  Kokanee Salmon are a favorite fish to catch and eat. 

Beautiful Kokanee Salmon Swimming In Stream
Giant Flaming Gorge Lake Trout Are Found By Captian Monty Throughout The Lake

Weighing in a giant lake trout taken from Flaming Gorge
Lake Trout have always been a favorite sport fish found in Flaming Gorge.  Anglers using an experienced and licensed guide have the best chances of catching the big Mac's in the 30-50 lb. range.  Captain Monty will take you the best lake trout locations in Wyoming and Utah leaving from Lucerne Valley Marina in Manila Utah.  For the best fishing trip of your life and vacation for the whole family, contact Captain Monty at

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