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Catching Record Size Lake Trout At Flaming Gorge Lake Or Reservoir

How To Fish For Trophy Lake Trout, Giant Rainbow Trout, 
Monster Browns And Bass At Flaming Gorge

Photo Weighing In A Trophy Lake Trout At Flaming
            Gorge Reservoir In Wyoming And Utah   
While we love fly-fishing, we always encourage anglers to try different species of fish. One of the most intriguing and exciting fish species is the Lake Trout (Salvelinus namaycush) aka Mackinaw or Mac. This wonderful game and food fish is actually a member of the Char family (Savlenius) like Brook Trout and Arctic Char.
Lake Trout In Wyoming and Utah Lucerne Valley

Lake Trout grow to over 100 lbs but anything over around 20-25 lbs can be considered a trophy. They are found in Canada and the United States. Our favorite place to fish for Mac’s is Flaming Gorge Res. On the Utah/Wyoming border. The Gorge is an exceptional fishery for Mac’s, Rainbow, Kokanee, Bass and Brown Trout. Both the Utah Lake Trout and Brown Trout record were caught here. Most excitingly, there is evidence of really humungous Mac’s in the reservoir so your chances of catching a record Laker is actually quite good all things considered.  More photos are lake trout are available through trrophy trout guide monty at:

Photo at Flaming Gorge Reservoir Of Angler With Giant
            Lake Trout, Guide Monty's Fishing
Trophy Mac's Are Big & Colorful
In general, lake trout may be grayish, greenish, brownish, or blackish. It has dark worm-like markings (vermiculation) on its side and back on an iridescent background color. The belly is whitish. The whole body is amply covered with light spots which are more intense than those of other chars and are more evident on younger fish. The lower fin is trimmed along its leading edge with creams and whites.

How To Find Giant Lake Trout
Angling for Lakers is both easy and difficult. Because they like deep water and specific structure, it is wise to get a guide if you don’t have a boat and/or want to learn to catch them consistently. We recommend Monty’s Fishing at Flaming Gorge. Monty is a great guide who is U.S. Coast Guard Licensed Captain offering service with Lucern Valley Marina in Utah who makes your fishing experience a ton of fun!

Photo Lake Trout Are Commonly 30-40 Pounds
In Size And Records Are Over 50 Pounds!
Large Lake Trout Are Caught Year After Year In Flaming Gorge Lake
Photo Angler With Trophy Lake Trout While
Fishing On "The Fish Teaser" boat Captained
By Monty of Montys Fishing Service At
Flaming Gorge.
Once you have learned a bit about fishing for these lunkers, you can try to go after them in your boat or rent one on the Gorge – again for rentals, we recommend the great folks at Lucerne Valley Marina just outside of Manila, Utah. They are a full service marina with everything from lodging and rental boats to Monty’s guide service and even tackle and advice.

Incredible Sites To See At Flaming Gorge
How was the fishing? Fantastic! We caught Lakers and Rainbows and had an absolute blast. Flaming Gorge is also a feast for the eyes with unimaginable sights, wildlife and history!  Vacationing at Flaming Gorge is a treat for the entire family with access to the full service marina at Lucern Valley Marina and Captain Monty of as your qualified U.S. Coast Guard Captain and guide providing services through Lucerne Valley Marina and Ashley National Forest.

Next blog I’ll talk about techniques for catching these monsters of the deep!

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