Monday, February 27, 2012

Weber River Dies, Winter water draw down kills insects, brown trout, white fish & rainbow trout

Open letter to the Utah DWR, why did the Weber River have to Die ???
Giant Rainbow & Browns used to live in the Weber River...No Longer.
Several weeks ago I made a fishing pilgrimage to the Weber river where I fished as a boy, young adult, and father with my 5 children. I am used to seeing a reasonable water "draw down" of the Weber for the winter months, but I did not expect to see huge portions of the river dry with only a "trickle" moving along the very deepest part of the once blue ribbon river. Miles of rocks are exposed and dead are the very insects that take 3 years to develop from egg to adult that provide food for the trout. Our mayflies, dragon flies, damsel flies & non biting gnats (to name a few) spend the majority of their life as a larva under water attached to the weeds, now there are none, some nymphs are even attached to the rocks (caddis, rock rollers) they too must still be underwater to survive to adulthood. When the weeds die and the rocks are exposed to air....they die and generations will not be born to replace them. Large fish die, only a limited number of small stunted fish can survive in the shallow holes within the trickle of water that barely still flows.   This is sad to report.

Giant Brown Trout Once Were The Daily Fare On The Now Depleted Weber River
Not only are the insects which our trout depend on for food, but the trout are unable to survive...They live underwater too. Forgive my sarcasm but a drastic change needs to be made immediately. I hope this is just an oversight problem and not the intentional destruction of a once magnificent blue water trout stream.
I quite simply want to know how this problem can be corrected immediately and if there is anything that I myself can do to assist in getting the necessary action to correct this terrible tragedy. I look forward to your written response regarding this matter.  Utah anglers and families deserve our blue ribbon river to be returned to it's once great status
Thank you for your time.
Clyde Wilbur
Readers please email this letter to everyone you know in Utah and to your local legislators to get this problem resolved now before it's too late.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

February Ice Free Spring Creek Fly Fishing For Tiger & Rainbow Trout

Mid Winter February Spring Creek Fly Fishing. Near Salt Lake City, Park City, Ogden, Provo Utah private fishing on our 10,000 acre family ranch close to salt lake city international airport, in Tooele County ut. 

"Many men go fishing all of their lives without knowing that it is not fish they are after." — Henry David Thoreau

We went "open water" fly fishing Monday February 20, 2012. The date is not generally considered the “hot” time of the year for fishing (unless you want to go ice fishing) but the trip turned rather interesting. It reminded me of the real reasons why I and many others have developed such a passion for fly fishing; reasons that have little to do with catching fish.

"Get Out Of The House...Now"

I have a sneaking suspicion that my wife probably enjoys my getting out of the house as much as I do. Her reasons might be a bit different than mine. I became suspicious of this when she told me: “How can Photo Solitude of fly fishing on ranch in Tooele Utah
Warm February Day

I miss you if you don’t go away?” Aside from that, there is something nice about coming home and having her greet me with a smile – so I know I am not totally unwelcome.
Winter can be daunting; I can stand the cold, snow and, as long as they don’t last for too long, the overcast skies. When I was a boy, my mom would bundle me up against the cold and send me outside to play. The rumors about her tying a bratwurst around my neck are not true – at least to my recollection. We sure had fun playing in the snow till dark or frostbite, whichever came first, sent us in, Bundling up for the winter cold reminds me of those days and my recollections are pleasant.

Fishing Is The Best Therapy For What Ails You, Especially Blue Bird Winter Fly Fishing in Utah!

There is something else about the winter weather. When a storm moves through, it scrubs our air and leaves a kind of clarity in its wake that is refreshing. I like the smell of the air and when we go fishing, we usually roll the windows down and just take in the air. It has a therapeutic, restorative and uplifting effect and we leave the windows down till it gets nice and cold. It awakens us as if we have been lingering in a long hibernation.

Friends, Nature & Sense Of Renewal With No One Around But Your Own Private Party.
To be with friends, on the water, enjoying the stark winter landscape and noticing whatever animal life comes into view reminds me that there are simple things in life which are more important than those which I give so much time and attention.

I sit down on a bench and watch as the orange sun arcs toward the blue Mountains. The snow reflects the orange and blue in alien colors - as the waning warmth of the sun starts to ebb away. As the sun slips away, everything seems like it is refreezing in the spreading darkness. In the chill, I think of the water, fish and friends and I remember winter is not forever.

Foot note...There are those days in Winter when it is all about catching the fish too. It's just the mind set we go out with or change depending on our mood at the time we reach our destination. Either way, have a great time enjoying your commune with the out of doors.
Photo enjoying fly fishing in the evening at sunset
Check out Fenwicks Fly Fishing Secrets & Tips In Previous Blogs Posted On This Site.
See More Trophy Tiger Trout & Rainbow Trout At Our Website:

Photo Spawning Mid Winter Tiger Trout Male

Dove Creek West @ Hogans Ranch in Tooele County is open year rouund to the public by advance reservation.  Salt Lake City & Park city resorts and hotels are less than 1 hour drive to the ranch.  Fly fishing guides and instructors are avialble but not requred on our wild spring creek fly fishing waters for giant rainbow trout, cuttbows, record size tiger trout. 

Friday, February 10, 2012

Best Year Round Open Water Fly Fishing In Utah, Especially Winter Tiger Trout Spawn

The best Winter (open year round too)  open water fly fishing for trophy Tiger and Rainbow Trout is found in Tooele near Salt Lake City only a 45 minute drive to the best private fishing waters in Utah. Park City hotels and lodging is only about 1 hour away from the best utah fly fishing.  The good news is even though huge trout are located on a family ranch the general public has access to the 10,000 acre ranch with advance reservations.  Fishing fun for the whole family (no license required).

Blue bird fly fishing days seem to come ever so slowly in Utah.  Except this winter has been extremely mild for our guests.  Luckily the Hogan ranch in Tooele County is so near to Salt Lake City, Utah, Davis & Weber County I can drive here in less than an hour and spend my time on a private family ranch that is open for trout fishing year round by advance reservations. 
Buck Tiger Trout showing off his stripes and full colors complimented by a hump back and kipe jaw.  What a beautiful trophy trout caught in Tooele at Dove Creek Ranch home of Trophy Trout School @ Hogan Ranch Park Cities choice for best year round fly fishing.  Fly fishing lessons and guides available by requesst at the ranch.

It is never crowded at Dove Creek West Ranch due to a reservation of only 1 reservation per day for a group of 1 to 5 anglers.  Daily imited Reservations control allows the fish to rest and fishermen to enjoy the solitude provided by private waters surrounded by a 10,000 acre ranch.  Private waters meanssolitude for our fly fishing guests as you take in the beauty of the ranch and the quiet meadows with natural flowing spring creek waters full of trout just for the taking.

Dove Creek West ranch is part of the 10,000 acre Hogan cattle ranch in Tooele county and is home to Trophy Trout School, a professional fly fishing guide service that is available year round for ranch guests.  Guests can either fly fish with or without a guide at the ranch. All things trophy trout are ready for your fishing enjoyment year round at Hogan Ranch.  Home to record size tiger & rainbow trout.

Photo of a fat Trophy Rainbow Trout Caught on a winter day near Tooele 23" of pure muscle and fight.
Toothy Doe Tiger Trout may not have the brilliant orange colors of a buck buy she has plenty of fight and attacked this small chironomid in the corner of her mouth in mid winter utah private ranch waters fly fishing.
Yes it can be cold fly fishing in Winter But Giant Fat Buck Trout like this 22" monster warm more than just the heart.  Trophy Trout School is the best year round fly fishing on private still waters in Utah and is near all major and local cities Salt Lake City, Park City, Provo, Orem, Ogden, Layton, Bountiful, Heber, Tooele, Grantsville.  Located a short 45 minutes from Salt Lake International Airport. No license requred, open 7 days a week year round.
So it snows when you fly fish in Winter, no problem when you catch the biggest wildest trophy Tiger and Rainbow Trout in Utah.  Fly fishing guides get snowed on along with the guests at trophy trout school @ Dove Creek West, Hogan Ranch.
Fat Tooele Winter Rainbow being released back into the safety of his private waters at Hogan ranch in Tooele County and reflects the best year round fly fishing in the state of Utah for wild trophy trout. Near Park City, Salt Lake Htoels & airport.
As the Winter fly fishing day comes to an end another trophy trout school rainbow is gently returned to his home at Dove Creek West Ranch in Tooele to live, eat and grow to be caught another day.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Year Round Fly Fishing Tips With Free Hatch Chart & Trout Hot Spot In Utah Hogan Ranch

Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer Fly Fishing Tips

Check out the Free Utah Hatch Chart & Fishing Location For Huge Fall, Winter, Sping & Summer Rainbow Trout Close To Salt Lake City Utah
(see end of this article for details and location)

Ah... the cool days of fall arrived in Utah and that means only one thing. Photo Huge Fall Rainbow Trout Caught On Midge Pattern Near Salt Lake City, Utah
The trout are eating everything in sight to fatten up for the long winter. The frosty nights are quickly taking their toll on the grasshoppers, ants, beetles, damsel flies and every other terrestrial you can name. They are all going the way of the world. But don’t despair fall creates some of the best fly fishing you can imagine or experience in Utah since the trout are aggressive and ready to take your presentation. If you love fly fishing in Salt Lake, Park City, Layton, Bountiful, Heber, Ogden, Tooele or Logan Utah you will love this article about Fall fly fishing at Dove Creek West @ Hogan Ranch home to Trophy Trout School which is open year round for giant tiger and rainbow trout fly fishing.  Near Park City, Salt Lake City and the salt lake international airport.  No fishing license required.

Hungry Trout Means Active Trout

Don’t get me wrong, not every presentation you make will be answered with a resounding “smack” as a giant trophy hammers your fly, there are still times of inactivity and as a fisherman you still have to look for the active feeders. But with a little advance preparation you can be assured of a fishing trip that will result in some very nice “hook ups” with some very big trophies.

Hatch Times Are Important In The Summer, Spring, Fall & Winter

In the lower elevations for waters around Salt Lake, Ogden, Provo, Orem, Park City, Heber, Bountiful, Layton and Tooele the trout will be rising to Photo Fall Trophy Rainbow Trout
Caught With May Fly Midge flies and a few final hatches of may flies usually between 10:00 a.m. -2:00 p.m. on any given day. This is due to the fact that the sun has had a chance to warm the water’s surface a few degrees and the mature aquatic nymphs begin their migration from the mud and aquatic vegetation to the water’s surface and the “hatch” begins.

What Triggers The Fly Hatch Process In Utah Waters

There are a couple of different ideas as to what really triggers the hatch. One is the maturity of the nymph and the fact that air bubbles form under the shuck and lift the transformed nymph to the surface. The other real factor is the water temperature. When an area of water reaches a somewhat warmer temperature and maintains that temperature range there will be a hatch. You could even include the two by allowing the gases to expand as the water temperature increases. Both factors are important and as fly fishermen we benefit no matter what the combination of causes are and we catch fish!

Best Summer, Fall, Winter, Spring Hatch Times

On most rivers, the heaviest midge hatches occur in the late fall and early spring. The best time of day is usually from midmorning to mid and late afternoon when the sun is warming the cool surface water. When there is a midge hatch on some fertile waters like the Green River, Provo River, Weber River, San Juan or the Colorado River, the water column can be thick with drifting pupae. Sometimes it looks as if there are millions of tiny specks drifting with the current there is “food” everywhere. Lakes & ponds also offer a fertile environment for larger midges that grow long and fat in the calmer waters.

No Hatch No Problem…Or You Can Just Go Home!

Enjoying the perfect cool weather is just not enough on a fishing day and if there is no apparent hatch occurring it is time to go nymphing. I know there are dry fly fishing purists who would rather not catch a fish and go home before they would even place a nymph in their fly box and this is fine for some, but as for me and my associates we use every form of fly we can get our hands on. This includes dries, nymphs, wet flies, streamers etc… we fish them all! So if you are so inclined tie one of these critters on and get into the water and have some fun.

A Good Pattern For A Dry Fly When There Is No Hatch

Try a Bear’s paw when no specific hatch fly is present. This two headed creation in size #20-26 is a great midge imitator. You can also fish it as a wet fly in the film of the water. Trout remember the tasty midges they have been feeding on and this pattern is a sure fire winner in my book.
The Griffith’s gnat is another great midge pattern like the bear’s paw for imitating midges that are clustered together in a mating ritual. This type of pattern screams “come and get it” to those hungry trout.

Free Hatch Chart With Patterns For Year Round Fly Fishing Success In Utah Waters

Check out my Fall hatch chart for additional tips to help you find those sometimes elusive Fall trout.