Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Fishing Tournament November 26, 2010 Catch Spawning Trophy Tiger Trout & Rainbows

2nd Annual Day After Thanksgiving Fly Fishing Tournament
 Open To The General Public Friday November 26, 2010

Black Friday Trophy Trout Fishing Tournament Tooele County

 So it's that time of year Thanksgiving with a long weekend and the perfect day to hold our 2nd annual trophy trout fishing tournament in Tooele County, the day after Thanksgiving.

Fun fishing & Great People Too

What a riot to get together and catch the biggest rainbow and tiger trout in the State of Utah.  The Tigers are spawning and starting to build their redds (even though they are sterile the bucks and does go into a false spawn due to the raging hormones in their bodies).

Fall/Winter Spawning Trout Are Voracious Eaters

These giant trophy trout are big and so are their appetites, especially after feeding on large supplies of terrestrials all summer long.

Fly Eating Trout Attack Your Fly

Giant hungry trout are attacking flies like it may be their last meal of the year, and that means super figting fish for our guests.  You will not believe how big and hardy these bruisers are.  Average fight time is 4-5 minutes.  When was the last time you fought a trout for 4-5 minutes ?  In Utah, probably never before unless you come to our ranch.
 Trout Are Big Beautiful & Full Of Fight

Tiger Trout look like Salmon and so do the giant rainbow torut with their solid red bar stripes and kipe jaws.

Watch Your Rod Bend & Your Reel Scream
As our ranch tiger trout and rainbow trout slam your fly and head south to Mexico.  Hang on and be careful not to get your knuckles dusted as your reel handle spins out of control from the trout running our your drag 30-40 feet per run.  This kind of painful experience always seems to make a fly fisherman smile.

It May Be Cold But Big Trout Warm The Soul

Everyone smiles in the cold or even the snow when you catch the biggest fish of your life on our ranch in Tooele County, a short 45 minutes from Salt Lake, Davis, Weber & Utah County.
 Dress Warm & You Will Love Catching Trophy Rainbow & Giant Tiger Trout Fly Fishing

Yes and extra layer and you will keep warm while casting to these "salmon & steel heads" that's what our clients from the Northwest call our trophy tiger and rainbow trout.
Teams Include Husbands & Wives Too

Teams are made up of friends, family, spouses and singles that we combine into teams at the start of the tournament.

This venue makes a great time for everyone and what a great day to celebrate the day after Thanksgiving and work off some of that giant turkey dinner you had the day before.
Cold Weather Or Not You Catch Giant Fish

You may get a little cold but the fishing is always hot at our ranch.  Especially on tournament days.  Remember these are wild trout and you have to work to catch them...this is not a hatchery experience.
Salmon Or Tiger Trout...You Decide

When you see the beautiful spawning colors you will wonder yourself if the tiger trout is a trout or a salmon.
Sunny Or Cloudy We Have A Great Fly Fishing Tournament For Everyone

Come out and enjoy the fun....check out our website for complete details and to register for the Black Friday fly fishing tournament in Tooele County Utah on our private family ranch.


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