Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Spring fly fishing in Utah for Rainbow and Tiger Trout

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Photo Utah Tiger Trout

 How was your day fishing?

Yes the BIG Utah Tiger left his mark. Their teeth are larger than a rainbows and they love to suck down flies. Look at this guy jumping out of my arms!
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Utah Tiger Trout Are Big & Colorful.
Photo Utah Tiger Trout "Bite"

Photo Rainbow Trout Photo Utah Tiger Trout

Photo Utah Rainbow Trout

Photo Trophy Utah Rainbow Trout

Photo Utah Rainbow Trout
Look at these 22" "+" trout.

Rainbows in Utah look pretty good to this time of year. Even if it is windy Photo Lunker Rainbow Trout and cold as a warlocks heart ! Hey the sun was out and so are the trout! Now that is one fat rainbow trout. He attacked the sculpin streamer and flew out of the water for some great aerial stunts before he was netted. I love releashing these guys back into the water for someone to have the same type of experience. Sculpin, muddlers, mohair leeches were the main course of the day.

Photo Utah Rainbow Trout

Photo Utah Rainbow Trout

Photo Utah Rainbow Trout
Yes it was windy & cold...but this is the reward for the effort. Each fish is gently removed from the water in a net made of wide rubber strips to create a solid support. The net is also shallow, just deep enough so the big fish can't jump out and injure themselves. The fisherman leads the fish while on the line to the "net man"

Photo Utah Rainbow Trout who scoops up the fish and presents the net to the fisherman to excise the hook, remove the fish and pose while the net man readies the camera and takes the photo. After the photo is taken the net man sets the camera down and picks the net back up, the fish is placed gently into the net and returned to the water and allowed to recover before being released. Time for the fish to be out of the water...one minute or less ! We have had a lot of practice as a team and have some great photo's to show for our work.

Photo Trophy Utah Rainbow Trout
Oh Yeah, that's what I'm talking about. Utah Spring Fly Fishing. Yes, as you can see....I forgot to put on the sunblock and picked up some sunburn to go along with the wind burn.

                                                                                      Photo's Utah Rainbow Trout
Were you all smiles this weekend ?
Utah is the happiest place to be when the fish are looking like this!!!
Photo Lunker Rainbow Trout Utah
O.K. not all smiles, I was getting tired and needed a nap. Catching all these B-I-G Trout is making me sleepy. Besides I had been casting a fly against the wind most of the day. Fenwick has a sore right arm from pulling in all those big trout so he is getting a little feisty to.
Photo's March Utah Rainbow Trout
Spring Ranch fly fishing
Yes sir, I mighty fine windy day on the water. "Who says trout don't bite Photo Lunker Rainbow Trout Utah on windy days" ??? They are wrong !

Time for that nap ! See ya next week !

Photo Rainbow Trout
Hang on to your hat and catch some mighty fine spring trout



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