Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Fishing Memories Of Broken Fly Rods and Torn Up Flies

Memories Are Just As Exciting As A Photograph
I don't know how many fishermen keep their old torn up, chewed on flies, but I do. They bring back some fond memories of fishing trips gone by and good times in the outdoors with my friends and sons. I even have a special fly box I keep the old soldiers in and always carry the container in my vest pocket next to the new members of my line up. The trusted and proven players are with me everytime I hit the water just in case the action is slow or I Photo Utah Rainbow Trout want to take time out to enjoy the natural beauty and reminise about times gone by.

Teeth Marks, Missing Tail & Barely A Wing Case Left
Before Fly Met Trout
Photo Utah Rainbow Trout
This old style goes back 15 years ago when my son Daniel and I were taking our first fly tying classes together during the winter of 1994. He was 14 and wanted to learn how to fly fish. I had always been a bait and lure man myself but was open for some new experiences and the opportunity to spend some one on one time with one of my children. So we went into the local fly shop located in Layton Utah to sign up for the fall and winter season of tying classes that they offered.

Daniel tied at least a dozen different wet flies and streamers for us to use that winter and spring. Sad to say there is only one pheasant tail left from that time. But it had a great life and brought us both some additional memories with the trout we took and released on the Ogden and Weber rivers that winter and following spring.

Thanks to Daniels embrassing the sport my other two sons have taken up fly fishing too (my daughters just don't appreciate this sport) plus a granddaughter and grandson.

Now Three Generations Fly Fish Together

A few evening classes during the winter and spring months spending time with some great local fly shop owners in Layton Utah has created a lifetime of memories for me as well as my family. The shop is now gone but my memories and gratitude to these kindred souls who spent time with me and my son patiently passing on their well honed skills will never be forgotten.

Broken Fly Rods

Photo Rainbow Trout
Have you ever worn out a fly rod ? I mean have you ever caught so many fish and placed so much strain as to create small stress fractures up and down the tip section that the rod finally fails ? I haven't, ( mine break off in trees, shrubs and get snapped off by tail gates or fall into fire pits).

But my fellow author Fenwick Has!
Fenwick Broke Two Rod Tips While Fishing This Year !

(On Two Seperate Fly Rods)
Photo Rainbow Trout

Please understand, he was not using rods that were too light for the fish he was catching nor does he abuse his rods. In fact he "babies" his rods like they are members of his family. Granted they were older rods, but that is the beauty of the story. They were both old and have some great stories to go with them. The stories and fish took their toll, slowly years of hook setting, bending under the stress of a worthy opponent and continuous flexing ended in catastophic failure. Close examination of the tip revealed the previously unseen stress fractures running up and down the shaft both above and below the compound fracture. Each one of those previously unknown fractures had a hidden story to tell. A story that was not revealed until the end of the life of a fine quality friend.

Momentos Are History

So the next time you think about tossing out a worn out fly or one that has a broken hook. Stop and think about all the history that you would throw away. Just like me, I'll bet you place that momento into a special place in your fly box and learn to appreciate gazing on it's presence when ever you take a moment to reminise in the out of doors. Be sure to leave a note or two for your family about these special warriors and your family will treasure them just as much as you do.

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