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January Trout Fly Fishing Tips and Photos Rainbow Trout Tiger Trout

Fly Fishing Tips and Photo's rainbow trout tiger trout utah rainbow trout utah tiger trout Photo Rainbow Trout Utah

Photo Rainbow Trout Utah
The Trout are really active in the

winter and as you can see this one wants nothing to do with posing for a picture. Photo Tiger Trout
This 22" Utah Tiger Trout wants to get back in the water, now ! Even though it is January, the sun is out and there is no wind so I am down to shirt sleeves for the afternoon.

Yes, that is snow on the ground and a 23" Tiger Trout about to be released, now that he is settled down.
Photo Utah Rainbow Trout Utah
So what if it's cold outside. The fish still bite in the middle of winter and if you are willing to dress warm and concentrate on a few simple techniques and tactics you can create some memories and photographs that will warm the cockles of your heart.

Trout spawn based on water temperature, not the month of the year, so it is important to remember that the mature trout will be more protective of their spawning beds than actually focused on feeding with the colder waters of winter. So large streamers and wet flies work well at exciting a non feeding lunker to strike at the fly.

Go deep, go deep, go deep. The trout are hanging down at the bottom of deep pools this time of year. In a lot of river and stream locations the water is at the lowest run off level for the year and the trout need a secure place to hide, breed and yes...sometimes eat. Work your streamers and wet flies near the bottom and "bounce" the fly with a jigging motion to keep attracting the agressive trout that is either feeding or protecting the nest.
Winter hatches do occur, here in Northern Utah we have small white winged with a white body midges, size 22-26 and a close relative, the black bodied midge with a white wing, same small size. The hatches are usually small and very sporadic depending on the weather. But even during the hatch don't expect the spawners to develop a sudden urge to come and eat.

My favorite flies in January are :

Dark green muddler minnow with a gold cone head, sizes 6-10.

Dark green sculpin gold or silver cone head, sizes 6-10.

Black wooly bugger with red ribbing, sizes 8-12.

Black marabou leech, sizes 8-12.

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