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Fly Fishing Secrets For Catching Trophy Trout

Secrets For Catching Those Big Fall Trophy Trout

Photo Big 4 Lb. Rainbow Trout Caught Fly
Fishing Near Salt Lake City, Utah

Go Where The Big Fish Live
Location, location, location

In order to catch the big rainbow and tiger trout you need to do a little home work and find out the best locations to fish. That is, the best locations where no one else will be fishing but you. Yeah, you may get a little cold or wet and lose some flies and tippets and maybe a foot or two from your tappered leader.

You may even need to find a local ranch that you can access or pay a guide to gain some good information and experience. Whatever you do you must go where the fish reside. But this is the price you pay to earn the reward of hooking into a big rainbow or tiger trout. I will share a truly incredible location near Salt Lake City that you can access for trophy rainbow trout and tiger trout that are ready to accept your fly at the end of this article. This location has wild trout and the access is controlled by reservation so there is never a crowd and the fish are never stressed.

Photo Fly Fishing In Rain With A Guide &
Catching A Huge Rainbow Trout Near Park
City, Utah.

What Fly Do I Use

Keep Good Records or Use Mine

Selecting the proper fly is critical to catching these big guys. After all they did not get this big by being dumb. So you must be armed with what they are eating the day you show up. For years I have maintained my own personal fly hatch chart that also details nymphs and streamers that have proven successful in the area's that I fish. I will share this year round fly hatch chart with you at the end of this article.

Photo Rainbow Trout Full Fall Colors
Caught Near Park City Utah

Go At The Right Time
When The Fish Are Active

Time of day in the fall is usually late morning to early afternoon, when the insects get warm enough to move around. Early evening is also a great time. These are the times when the insects are active and hatches are taking place when the warmth of the sun is felt on the colder water surface. The warmth acts as a trigger to the fish that the food buffet is about to begin so you need to be ready.

There Is No Hatch...What Do I Do?

Check the hatch chart I have linked for you and go to the nymph and streamers. Remember you are looking for active trophy trout and don't be afraid to move around the area you have selected to fish and use different flies and presentations. If you are with a guide they will take care of supplying the flies as well as all the local knowledge you will need to succeed.

Trophy Rainbow Trout and Tiger Trout Location & My Free Hatch Chart

Where The Trophy Trout Are For Park City, Utah, Heber Utah, Provo Utah, Orem Utah, Ogden Utah, Salt Lake City Utah, complete with updated information and photos.

Check out the Tiger Trout photos, they are in full spawn colors and look just like salmon with their big orange bellies.

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