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My Fly Box or Catching Trout On A Limited Budget

Fenwick does it again with an article pointing out the obvious of just how simple fly fishing can be if you remember to cut down on the clutter and excess equipment and just have a really good time catching trophy trout.

Free Locations & Hatch Chart For Our Readers

Free Hatch Chart & Fishing Guides Locations In UtahAt the end of the article there will be some location information as well as a year round fly hatch chart for our readers to access. There will also be some information about our trophy trout fly fishing guides for Salt Lake, Park City, Heber, Ogden, Provo & Orem areas.

Photo Fall Rainbow Trout The Basic Flies

I usually don’t carry a large selection of flies with me. Rather than carry boxes of dries, emergers, nymphs, terrestrials, and what we used to call “wet flies“, I carry a few of each of the patterns which have served me well over the years.

Carry Only What Will Work

What I do not carry is numerous fly boxes of multitudinous selections of flies; i.e., six each of BWO’s in sizes 14 through 20 or similar collections. Why I do not carry such a menagerie of flies and sizes is that it is simply too complex for me. I cannot discern between a size 18 or size 20 Beaded Hares Ear, and; while some purists insist trout can and do tell the difference, I am not sure I am interested in those fish anyway. They are, do a degree, like some of the girls I knew in college - one had to put up with so much just to get to know these ladies, much less build a relationship with them, that after a while, it just wasn’t worth the effort. There were lots of beautiful, kind, loving and happy girls to be found that such machinations. In fact, I married just such a girl and have never rued my decision.

Photo Trophy Rainbow Trout Targeting The Trophy Trout

If the fish I am after are that finicky (pardon the pun) are they really worth the time and trouble to catch them? And, if one does finally catch such a selective target, what have you really proven? It takes a real leap of ego to go from catching a selective trout to validating that I am a superior and more intelligent angler than the fellow down the stream who cannot catch them.

Blasting Trout Out Of The Water

There are no guaranteed methods of catching fish unless you want to start throwing sticks of dynamite into your favorite lake or river. And, if fishing ever becomes so mechanical that taking steps one through five guarantees you catch a fish, I just don’t think very many people would be interested any more. Rather than fishing it would be like going to Wal-Mart: give them your money and they give you your goods.

Catching Exceptional Trout

The fish we catch, even the most selective, are the exception. The vast majority of fish do not succumb to our skills and techniques If this were not so, the rivers and lakes we ply would be emptied in no time. It takes a head full of hubris to assume otherwise.

That is not to say that we should not take pride in our skills and try to improve them. Rather, as we learn and improve, we should keep in mind that a good deal of luck factors into the fishing equation.

Still, there are those who insist that fishing is skill and luck has nothing to do with it. But, if that is true, do not those in the past who fished, netted and dynamited some species of fish into near extinction have a greater claim than to skill than we do today? Hey, they caught more fish, didn’t they?

How To Hook The Largest Trout

When I hook the most fish or the largest fish, I am justly proud; however, I never let go of the notion that part of what makes me such a good angler is that fortune and luck are on my side. I have confidence in my skills and luck and - for that reason, perhaps more than any other, I end up being both lucky and good.

Much of our skill at catching fish is designed to entice the fish to strike, but a good deal of the art of fishing is that we do not inhibit the process. The enlightened fly-fisher strives not to make the perfect presentation, but to make the least errors. It is not perfection he is striving for, he is reaching out to become a part of nature and finding harmony, realizes perfection is not needed. And, when luck, skill and some willingness on the part of our prey coincide, good things happen. I think that explains much more than just fly-fishing.

Fenwick Fleigenbinder

Post Script: Fenwick only carries the basics, on the other hand I pack everything I can carry in my fishing vest so I can be ready for any situation. Especially those times Fenwick needs a fly pattern that is catching fish that he doesn't have in his limited inventory. Ah, yes if you only take the basics, make sure they include a good fishing buddy who packs it all and is willing to share.


Hatch Chart, Locations, Photo's & More !!!

Now For The Free Hatch Chart & Trophy LocationTrophy Rainbow Trout and Trophy Tiger Trout Location & My Free Fly Hatch Chart Where The Trophy Trout Are For Park City, Utah, Heber Utah, Provo Utah, Orem Utah, Ogden Utah, Salt Lake City Utah, complete with Updated Information And Photos.

Check out the Tiger Trout photos, they are currently in full spawn colors and look just like salmon with their big orange bellies. They maintain these magnificent colors throughout the fall, winter and early spring months here in Utah.

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